Canix integrates with best-in-class cannabis technology and organizations. Check out our full list of integrations below.

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Accounting Software
Connect your QuickBooks account, Online or Desktop version, with Canix to generate invoices from Sales Orders that can be viewed and managed in QuickBooks. The QuickBooks integration allows users to connect one or more QuickBooks Companies to Canix.

Sage Intacct

Accounting Software
Sage Intacct is used by thousands of organizations from startups to public companies to improve company performance and make finance more productive. Sage Intacct helps businesses increase their efficiency and drive growth for their organizations.


Onfleet is a last mile delivery solution used by thousands of cannabis companies. Canix integrates with Onfleet to create tasks using information from Canix's sales orders and transfers.


Metrc is a track and trace system used by 19 states for regulatory compliance and reporting. Canix keeps users compliance with automated reporting and real-time inventory management.

Confident Cannabis

Lab Testing
Confident Cannabis is the leading cannabis lab testing and wholesale commerce platform in the United States. Users can automatically transfer their lab test results and reports from Confident Cannabis to Canix.


Coming Winter 2022! Contact sales for more information.


The Canix and LeafLink integration allows users to connect their marketplace to their real-time inventory system. This creates a seamless process for creating, managing, and fulfilling sales orders.


Canix supports custom views for Leaftrade packages. Users can download this custom report and upload it into their Leaftrade account without any extra work.


Cultivation Scale
Canix users can automatically capture plant weights with a touchless harvest solution using the Wayfast. This integration means users no longer have to rely on pen and paper, additional button clicks, or optical scanning.

Green Check Verified

The integration between Green Check Verified and Canix allows users to sync sales, mirror product, price, and total order without  manual uploading.
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