Production Planning

Maximize Your Manufacturing Power

Optimize resource utilization, meet customer demand, and reduce costs with Canix's production planning tools. Schedule production, forecast demand, and monitor in real-time. Achieve operational excellence and gain a competitive edge.

Increase Efficiency and Cut Costs

Production Planning enables cannabis operators to schedule production, forecast demands, and monitor operations in real-time.

Efficiently organize the utilization of labor, machinery, and materials
Estimate available quantities of cannabis and non-cannabis ingredients required for production
Predict revenues and margins using standard costing

Designed for the Cannabis Supply Chain

Canix's production planning software optimizes manufacturing processes, reduces waste, and increases productivity. It can also provide accurate demand forecasting, better inventory management, and enhance collaboration.

Optimize Resource Utilization

Production planning helps to optimize the utilization of resources such as labor, machinery, and materials. By having a well-planned production process, a business can ensure that it is using these resources in the most efficient and effective way possible, thereby reducing waste and increasing output.

Meet Customer Demand

Effective production planning ensures that a business is able to meet customer demand in a timely manner. By accurately forecasting demand, a business can plan its production schedules and ensure that it has enough inventory to meet customer needs. This helps to maintain customer satisfaction and loyalty, which is essential for business success.

Cost Reduction

Production planning can help a business reduce its production costs. By optimizing the production process, a business can identify areas where costs can be reduced, such as through process improvements, automation, or by negotiating better prices for raw materials. This helps to increase profitability and competitiveness in the market.

Uniquely Built for Cannabis Operations

  • Forecast and schedule inventory quantities required for sales or production by a specified date
  • Forecast and plan the required amount of cannabis or non-cannabis inventory to produce new inventory by a specific date, ensuring adequate quantity for production
  • Compare planned costs with actual costs and generate reports
  • Plan and schedule future tasks and view them on a calendar

What our customers are saying

Canix is easy to use and highly functional. It offers a realistic and practical compliance solution that is relevant to the nature of the cannabis industry.

Danielle V.

Canix has amazing features that make my work easier, killing plants, creating harvests, creating invoices, printing labels.

Brianna S.

Canix integrations allow for my clients to do data entry in a user friendly system, and eliminates the need for duplicate data entry into QBO and Metrc. Saves time every month.

Sean L.

I love the User Interface, and how for the most part it leads you through each step, if there is something that proves challenging, help is only a phone call away. Seriously they pick up right away and have ALWAYS had a quick solution.

Courtney O.

I appreciate we only have to use one software as opposed to multiple when using other inventory tracking software. It is way better than any other software I've used - Biotrack, MJ freeway, Flowhub don't compare.

Amanda R.

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