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"I love the User Interface, and how for the most part it leads you through each step, if there is something that proves challenging, help is only a phone call away. Seriously they pick up right away and have ALWAYS had a quick solution."

- Courtney O.

Director of Sales

"Using Canix has made having to use METRC a whole lot easier. I really enjoy the simplicity of the website's layout. It's clean, easy to understand and find where you need to go."

- Adam B.

Packaging Specialist & Sales Coordinator

"It has been a good experience with canix! Excellent tech support and continued system updates."

- Gary C.

Operations Manager

"Canix attracted me because of the guarantee of its METRC API integration. A lot of similar software claims METRC integration but few guarantee it. Canix delivers on that guarantee."

James C.

CPA / Principal
Case Study
Ladybug Farms saves 20+ hours each week using automation and workflows.

"Canix allows us to quickly do things on a daily basis that allow us to spend more time on the bigger picture."

- Arjun Parmar

Sales & Distribution Manager
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Case Study
Blossom Farms reduced labor costs and increased data accuracy.

"Canix has made success easier. It improved our relationship with regulators, streamlined inventory, and has become our 'one source of truth.' No more battling spreadsheet version-itis."

- Sasha Bacca

Director of Compliance and Operations
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Case Study
AmericannMade unified all of their workflows and operations in one place.

"A lot of our employees were separated in google sheets in their own decentralized platforms. With Canix, we’ve been able to bring the activities together from our Nurseries, Harvest Rooms, to Distribution. Canix has been a godsend in term of saving time."

- Colin Hood

General Manager, AmericannMade
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"Canix is easy to use and highly functional. It offers a realistic and practical compliance solution that is relevant to the nature of the cannabis industry. It could stop there, but it doesn't. They are constantly incorporating more useful features."

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- Danielle V.

"We are a new startup and having a dedicated Success Manager has been instrumental in getting up to speed. The software is complex but intuitive, and with a little experimenting, I can usually do what needs to be done."

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- A.F.

"Building picklists/manifests are a breeze. I appreciate we only have to use one software as opposed to multiple when using other inventory tracking software. It is way better than any other software I've used - Biotrack, MJ freeway, Flowhub don't compare."

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- Amanda R.