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Take control of your business with Canix, the most trusted ERP software designed specifically for the cannabis industry. Canix helps cultivators, manufacturers and distributors stay ahead of the competition by reducing labor costs and improving operations. Don't let manual processes hold you back.

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Cannabis Software for Scalable Operations

Grow your cannabis business with Canix; designed to eliminate frustrating busywork and streamline your operations. Focus on driving growth and maximizing profitability, rather than managing tedious tasks.

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A New Path to Profitability

Canix improves a company's profitability by providing real-time data, automated inventory tracking, compliance with regulations, optimized production and distribution processes, and informed decision-making capabilities.


Easy access to information enables seamless audits, product lineage, and cost accounting


Customizable workflows and process controls help to reduce errors


Integrations connect information from across systems


Reporting helps you understand and optimize your business

Everything you need

The only comprehensive cannabis ERP

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Inventory management ERP
Inventory Management
About this feature
Track cannabis inventory through the supply chain and access essential inventory reports. View quantities, costs, usage and purchase of non-cannabis inventory such as planters, papers, manufacturing ingredients, and other related materials. Use recipes for packages and processing workflows to automatically update inventory levels.
ERP Compliance
About this feature
Metrc integration is foundational to Canix ERP and our bi-directional data sync is the best in the industry. Canix simplifies, automates, and validates Information Metrc data uploaded from Canix.
ERP Purchase order and invoicing
Invoicing & Purchase Orders
About this feature
Generate and record invoices for your sales orders. Send these invoices through multiple channels including directly to customers via email or web link or directly to accounting systems through our integrations. Create and track purchase orders for both cannabis and non-cannabis inventory to manage your vendor relationships. Automatically pull in LeafLink orders into Canix for processing through our integration.
ERP Inventory Availability
Live Inventory
About this feature
Use our software to display cannabis products available to your customer with a checkout and ordering system for bulk orders from your distribution or retail partners.
Task Management ERP
Task Management
About this feature
Use Canix to track your employee tasks across the organization with time estimations to develop a complete COGS.
RFID Integration
About this feature
Use RFID scanners to increase the speed of harvesting by 75% with our bluetooth scale integration.
ERP Bill Reporting
Business Intelligence Reporting
About this feature
Use custom charts and graphs to track and analyze large data sets and filter specific reports to access multiple facilities.
ERP Yield Tracking
Yield Tracking
About this feature
Understand processing and manufacturing yields percentages. Develop yield trends to identify performance across different departments to develop better forecasting abilities.
ERP Cultivating forecast
Cultivation Forecasting
About this feature
Forecast your cuttings and clones with our nursery forecasting tools to see what available product you have for sale. Start forecasting production trends based on yields and expectations. Determine how much inventory you need to produce for revenue and profit targets.
ERP COGS Reports
Labor Costing
About this feature
Track labor costs across the organization through. Use the ability for macro level labor assignment or through granular task management.
Open API
About this feature
We have an open API for external integrations as needed. Our API documentation is located here
ERP Storefront
About this feature
Create a shopping cart experience for customers purchasing bulk orders directly from available inventory.
Offline enabled mobile
Offline-Enabled Mobile App
About this feature
Input compliance data offline and sync everything once connected to a network.

Designed for More

Introducing Canix - the ultimate solution for cultivators, producers, processors, manufacturers, and distributors. Whether you're a small business or a large enterprise, Canix offers a powerful platform to help you elevate your operations and take your business to the next level.


Our cultivators save up to 2 hours per employee with our RFID scanning capabilities, WayFast scale integration, task management, and other solutions.

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Our manufacturers have saved over 3 hours a week by using our Batch templates, automatically updating inventory list, and custom label printing solutions.

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Our distribution customers have saved over 3 hours a week by using our mobile sales orders, transfer tracking systems, and other solutions.

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Easily Calculate profit per gram
ERP Bill Reporting
How We can Help

Canix’s comprehensive sales platform allows you to create invoices, track payments, and analyze revenue. Integrations with LeafLink, Quickbooks, and other accounting systems allow you to push and pull sales orders to other systems. Revenue is tracked through facilities to the original plant batch it came from.


  • Sales Order & invoices
  • Transfer automation
  • Quickbooks, Sage, Leaflink, and other accounting integrations
PPG Materials
How We can Help

Canix’s materials tracking allows you to assign and track non-cannabis costs from raw materials to finished goods. Canix segments out costs into different categories, so you get the most accurate breakdown of cost per gram. Costs are automatically assigned, so you can get the most accurate COGS view.


  • Purchase Orders
  • Bulk BOM Creation
  • NCI Usage reporting
  • NCI Barcode tracking 
  • Automated Inventory Costing
ERP Labor tracking
How We can Help

For most cannabis companies, labor is the biggest expense. Canix helps you understand the productivity of each individual worker, and tracks time from raw materials to finished goods. Canix helps you understand what employees are most productive, and how labor costs accrue during the production process.


  • Task Management
  • Employee labor analysis
  • Labor Cost tracking
PPG profit
How We can Help

Canix helps you calculate and segment profit per gram in an automated fashion. Canix’s in-depth reporting allows you to examine profitability over time, by batch, and by numerous other variables while tracking comprehensive costs.


  • Batch Profitability tracking
  • Seed to sale cost tracking
  • Inventory Analysis
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Customer Satisfaction

With a world-class Customer Satisfaction score, Canix goes the extra mile to ensure our customers are supported in times of need.

Real humans, 7 days a week

Our Customer Support team brings expertise from across various industries, giving us a unique and holistic perspective on what it means to offer an exceptional customer experience.
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    Live phone and email support with Metrc-trained representatives, 7 days a week

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    Personalized onboarding, tailored to your operation

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    Helpful videos and articles available at your fingertips

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    Live phone and email support with Metrc-trained representatives, 7 days a week
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    Weekly new feature webinars with product experts
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    Self-serve video and written content available at your fingertips
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Loved by Users

Top Reviewed Seed to Sale Software on G2.com
Ranked #1 Cannabis Software on Sourceforge.net
Ranked #1 Cannabis Software on Slashdot.org
A statistic showing that Canix has a 97% customer satisfaction rating.

Real Humans, Every Weekday

Our Customer Support team brings expertise from across various industries, giving us a unique and holistic perspective on what it means to offer an exceptional customer experience.

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    Live phone and email support with Metrc-trained representatives, 5 days a week

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    Personalized onboarding, tailored to your operation

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    Helpful videos and articles available at your fingertips

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A Single Source of Truth

Canix integrates with your favorite industry tools, allowing you to design the perfect tech stack for your cannabis operation. Our list of integrations also allows you to add automations with a few clicks. Or, check out our open API Docs here.

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Who We Serve

Managing more than 650 cannabis facilities
around the globe

Canix is quickly expanding into international markets, now covering businesses in 6 countries.
Orders Processed
Businesses use Canix to complete over $500 million in orders to date.
Harvests Processed
Cultivators have used Canix's software in more than 100,000 harvests over 3 years.
Canix supports more than a thousand unique companies across all sizes and verticals.
US States
Canix is quickly expanding domestically and covering many cannabis friendly states.

Built to Drive More Revenue

"The capabilities of the platform, compared to others, are making us stand out as a brand. Canix has allowed us to send orders that are easily received by our customers."

Brittney Woody
Director of Warehouse Operations
Euphoria Wellness

“We’ve been fortunate to be an early adopter of Canix. Seeing the application and software flourish in that time has been great to observe as a customer and has saved Ladybug Farms and our group 1000’s of hours and an immense amount of compliance related costs with the mobile and desktop system. Would highly recommend.”

Jake B.
President and COO
Ladybug Farms

“Great product for inventory management. Canix is an excellent tool when it comes to keeping track of inventory. It also excels at plant and tag tracking as well. It solves the issue of inventory communication. All people in our Canix profile can see when we are low on a product to purchase more.”

Sam Dinkel
Cultivation Tech
Green Dragon Cannabis Company LLC

“Very easy to use and learn. I like that Canix is very user-friendly and intuitive. It is also easy to fix an error should you make one. Canix is helping us bridge the gap between the accounting department and State Regs by giving reports that are actually useful to the accountants.”

Natalie Cummings
Custom Carts of Sarasota, LLC

“We have used Canix at our production facility for just over a year and have to say we love it. Canix is easy to use and speeds up a lot of daily tasks. There is also great support when you have a question or need assistance. Our sales department loves it and would highly recommend it to any other licensed and regulated production facility.”

Alex C.
Sales Director

“Perfect Seed to Sale software. Detailed and surprisingly intuitive and easy to use. My team and I use it daily to assist with state mandated Metrc. Very responsive and helpful support staff is a definitely a welcome change from other services. Perfect to use alongside Metrc. It is very intuitive and easy to use. The reporting aspects are definitely helpful.”

Michael R.
President / CEO

“I have run cannabis facilities in multiple states. [Canix is] way easier to navigate than Metrc and more reliable in my opinion. The layout is excellent. I’ve used three different software programs to track products in the cannabis industry for 10 years. Tacking and Inventory are the two best things Canix has helped with.”

Eric Gallagher
Naturae Oils

“The interface is very easy to navigate and find what you are looking for. For those that are familiar with just working with METRC, you still feel at home in Canix. It is making tracking the entire lifecycle of seed to sale for cannabis infinitely easier than just using METRC alone. It allows us to have additional ways to track our harvests, use custom phasing for internal tracking, and makes realtime tracking much more accurate than METRC.”

Lee Fesler
METRC Data Analyst
Green Releaf Inc

“Taking care and tracking product has never been easier. Canix helps to incorporate all of our spreadsheets into a simple system to help us easily track our work flow. Integrating your COGs has never been easier. I would highly reccommend. Canix has helped making receiving orders and creating tags much simpler. When creating bulk tags it is much easier to select from many products rather than individually clicking on each one.”

Matthew Joseph

“Using Canix has made having to use Metrc a whole lot easier. I really enjoy the simplicity of the website’s layout. It’s clean, easy to understand and find where you need to go. Canix is always updating its features to be more intuitive and easy to use. For example, harvesting and destroying waste is limiting with METRC alone, but a breeze with Canix.”

Adam Bonsey
Packaging Specialist / Sales Coordinator
Monterey Tilth Farm

“I love that [Canix] works directly with Metrc. My favorite feature is that the batch for the item carries over into Metrc which makes it easier for our customers when purchasing product from us. Canix is helping with automating steps that it takes to complete our orders. For example the transfer template and the adding of the manifest number onto the invoice.”

Lilly Solis
Euphoria Wellness

“Canix has made my days much easier. Canix makes sales orders and inventory checks, and reports much more accessible than our previous system. Sales orders and inventory reports are much more accessible than in our previous system. It is much more user friendly.”

Amanda Lawson
Production Lead

“[Canix] helps our sales team to accurately sell through inventory faster and it helps our post harvest team plan, schedule and measure output.”

Andrew Kazakoff
Fathom Cannabis

“As a growing business, Canix has helped us understand the cost of production, including labor, of each project we tackle. It also helps us organize inventory which has been a struggle as we have several different warehouses and production locations.”

Ashley Lowell
Production Manager

“I like that [Canix] has such a robust system in place, and it makes it easy for us to categorize all of our pieces of each recipe properly. We can use packaging, actives, and all of our necessary components. Cost tracking, manufacturing raw materials tracking, BOM tracking, METRC track and trace, helps with invoicing, helps with CRM needs for sales team, and helps with monthly reporting!”

Miles Powers
Brand Manager

"I appreciate we only have to use one software as opposed to multiple when using other inventory tracking software. It is way better than any other software I've used - Biotrack, MJ freeway, Flowhub don't compare."

Amanda R.
Assistant Director of Logistics
Seed & Smith

"Canix is great for cannabis accountants. Integrations allow for my clients to do data entry in auser friendly system, and eliminates the need for duplicate data entry into QBO and Metrc. Saves time every month."

Sean L.
Tax & Accounting Manager

"Canix has amazing features that make my work easier; killing plants, creating harvests, creating invoices, and printing labels. [Canix is] making it easy to harvest a lot of plants at once and kill plants as a whole instead of individually."

Brianna S.
Compliance Coordinator

"Canix helps to place all of the inventory and the required labs in one spot. This helps to keep our business to meet the requirements of each state for sales."

Rex T.
Lab Technician
River Organics

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