Streamline Your Compliant Labeling Process

Discover the seamless integration of compliance, customization, and efficiency with Canix's Cannabis Custom Label Printing. Our solution empowers your cannabis business to navigate regulatory requirements effortlessly while offering the flexibility to personalize your product labels to reflect your brand's unique identity. Whether you're looking to streamline your operations with bulk label printing or enhance your products' appeal with customized designs, Canix provides the tools you need to succeed.


Do More with Canix Labels

Color Labels

Enhance your product labels with vibrant colors, making them stand out while providing all necessary information.

Accuracy Enhanced

Addressing common issues with barcode sizing, ensuring every label is precise and scannable.

Speed Optimization

Leveraging PDF downloads for printing, reducing printing time significantly for a more efficient workflow.

PDF Printing

A universal approach for both Mac and Windows users, ensuring compatibility across devices and operating systems.

Zebra Printer Compatibility

Detailed instructions for Zebra printer users to transition smoothly to PDF-based printing, maintaining high printing standards.

Simplified Compliance

Navigate cannabis regulations effortlessly with Canix's dynamic label printing feature. Automatically include state-mandated information on your custom labels, ensuring your products meet compliance standards without the hassle.


Customization and Branding

Tailor your labels to reflect your brand's unique identity. With Canix, you can easily add specific strain information, QR codes, logos, and warning symbols to your labels, making your products stand out while maintaining regulatory compliance.


Streamlined Operations

Maximize efficiency with Canix's bulk label printing for non-consecutive tags. Our platform allows you to select, customize, and print labels in bulk, saving you time and resources while ensuring accuracy and uniformity across your products.


Technology Integrations

Set up with ease using our comprehensive guides for QZ Tray and printer setup. Canix supports direct thermal and thermal transfer printers, ensuring a smooth printing process. Plus, our exclusive partnership with ShopPOS Portal offers discounted purchasing options for all your labeling needs.

How It Works


Navigate to the Custom Labels section under Tags & Labels to start crafting your labels with a choice of Tag Types.

Field Selection

Choose from a variety of fields such as barcodes, item names, and license numbers to include on your labels, with the ability to adjust sizes, positions, and orientation.

Template Saving

Save your designs as new templates or update existing ones for future use.

Label Generation

Generate labels by tag sequence or specific inventory, with options for both sequential and non-sequential inventory labeling.


Download labels in PDF format and print using preferred software, compatible with both Mac (Preview) and Windows (Adobe) users, as well as Zebra printers.

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