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Navigate the intricate landscape of New York's cannabis market with Canix. As the state embraces both medical and recreational cannabis, compliance with the New York Office of Cannabis Management remains paramount, and sometimes exhausting. Canix can help demystify the complexities of BioTrack, the mandated seed-to-sale tracking system integral to regulatory adherence in New York's burgeoning cannabis market.

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Biotrack and the State Regulators

BioTrack functions as the official state-mandated software in New York's cannabis industry, designed to monitor and ensure compliance from seed to sale. It's a system required by the New York Office of Cannabis Management for all legal cannabis operations within the state. The software tracks the life cycle of cannabis products, providing state regulators with a detailed history of each item. This helps maintain a regulated market and ensures consumer safety. Every entity involved in the cannabis business, be it cultivation, processing, testing, distribution, or retail, is required to use BioTrack.

3rd party tools

Integrations Accomplish More

One of the key features of Biotrack is its ability to integrate with other software systems used in the cannabis industry, such as ERP systems and laboratory information management systems. This allows for a seamless flow of data throughout the supply chain, improving efficiency and accuracy.

Workflow Efficiency

Integrating a third-party software with Biotrack can help businesses to streamline their operations and improve efficiency. The third-party software can automate many processes, such as data entry and reporting, which saves time and reduces the risk of human error.

Analytics and Reporting

Third-party software solutions can offer additional analytics and reporting features beyond what's available in Biotrack. These features can provide businesses with deeper insights into their operations and help them make data-driven decisions.

Inventory Management

Many third-party software solutions provide robust inventory management features that can help businesses to track and manage their inventory more effectively. By integrating with Biotrack, these features can be used to automatically update inventory levels in real-time and ensure compliance with state regulations.

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