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The Canix team has spent thousands of hours at cultivation facilities around the country learning the needs of the growers, operators, and the owners. Based on that knowledge and the direction of hundreds of businesses, we’ve built a robust suite of tools specifically designed for cultivators.

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Trusted by Leading Operators

Industry Specific

Built for Cannabis

From proactive forecasting to automated workflows, Canix helps save hours of employee time.

Save up to 75% of your time with automated data entry
Ensure compliance data is being entered correctly with in-depth data validation tools
Make smarter business decisions with extensive reporting at your fingertips
Plan for the future with cutting edge forecasting tools

Designed for You

Don't limit yourself to someone else's methods. Users customize their automations, workflows, BOMs, growth phases, reporting and more to make the tool work for them. Don't get locked into someone else's "best practices."

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Connect Everything

Canix integrates with best-in-class cannabis technology and organizations. This keeps your information accurate and compliant while reducing the time spent on data entry.

How we can help

Scalable operations

Leave the busywork to us. Canix offers critical, time-saving features to give you time back to work on what really matters: growth.

from seed to sale

The only comprehensive ERP on the market

Keep operations smooth and efficient with a suite of tools designed for cultivators of all sizes.

Desktop & mobile compatible

Canix offers a native mobile app, compatible with both Apple and Android, that allows for data entry at the point of action. Both the desktop and mobile applications are user-friendly and designed with cultivators in mind.

A mockup of Canix's mobile app. A mockup of Canix's desktop application.

Effortless integration

Canix has robust integration with a suite of business tools, from accounting to compliance. Cultivators can run most of the operations completely out of Canix. Plus, you can add automations with just a few clicks.

Live Support

Is there something you aren't sure about? Canix has a team of real humans with in-depth knowledge to support you.

Built for cannabis

Why cultivators choose Canix over competitors

We know there are lots of options, but cultivators continue to choose Canix because of its top-of-the-line features and knowledgable staff.

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    Outstanding support

cultivation facilities
Working with the best cultivators to make their process easy & seamless.
canopy sq ft
2 mil
Powering cannabis professionals with innovative, mission-critical technology.
Sales Orders per day
Providing tools to generate more revenue, seamlessly.
hours/week saved
Increasing the bottom line for cultivators everywhere.

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