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In the dynamic world of cannabis cultivation, your plants deserve the best care, and so does your business. Canix combines cutting-edge technology with an understanding of what cultivators truly need. From seed to sale, our software streamlines your daily operations, letting you focus on what you do best – growing premium cannabis.

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Trusted by Leading Operators

Industry Specific

Built for Cannabis

From simplified forecasting to automated workflows, Canix helps save hours of employee time.

Save up to 75% of your time with automated data entry
Ensure compliance data is being entered correctly with in-depth data validation tools
Make smarter business decisions with extensive reporting at your fingertips

Trusted by Cultivators, Tailored for Growth

Leave the busywork to us. Canix offers critical, time-saving features to give you time back to work on what really matters: growth.

Real-Time Inventory Management

Stay ahead with live updates on your stock levels, plant health, and growth stages, ensuring seamless cultivation management.

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Simplified Compliance

Effortlessly navigate regulatory requirements with our automated compliance features, keeping your operation within legal bounds effortlessly.

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Harvest Workflows & Yield Reporting

Gain deep insights into your cultivation cycle with detailed harvest workflows and yield reporting, empowering you to optimize every crop.

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Robust Reporting & Insights

Transform cultivation data into actionable insights. From plant growth analytics to cost assignments, make informed decisions for enhanced harvests.

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Advanced Metrc Capabilities

Seamlessly integrate with Metrc systems, simplifying the tracking and reporting process, and ensuring compliance is a breeze.

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Nursery Management

Manage your clones and mother plants with precision. Our nursery management tools help you track and optimize the early stages of your plants’ life cycle.

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Waste & Destruction Tracking

Efficiently manage waste and plant destruction, ensuring compliance and minimizing losses. Our system simplifies this essential aspect of cultivation, saving you time and effort.

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Customizable Growth Stages

Tailor the growth stages to match your unique cultivation process. Our flexible system adapts to your methods, allowing for personalized tracking and management of each plant's lifecycle.

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Labor Tracking & Task Management

Efficiently manage your workforce with our labor tracking and task management tools. Assign tasks, track progress, and calculate labor costs directly tied to specific cultivation activities, optimizing your operation's efficiency and productivity.

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Designed for You

Don't limit yourself to someone else's methods. Users customize their automations, workflows, BOMs, growth phases, reporting and more to make the tool work for them. Don't get locked into someone else's "best practices."

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Connect Everything

Canix integrates with best-in-class cannabis technology and organizations. This keeps your information accurate and compliant while reducing the time spent on data entry.

Built for cannabis

Why cultivators choose Canix over competitors

We know there are lots of options, but cultivators continue to choose Canix because of its top-of-the-line features and knowledgable staff.

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