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Canix is more than just a software. It sits at the center of your operation and works with hardware solutions to create an efficient system, designed to save time, money, and labor while improving accuracy.

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Seamless Plant Management

Streamline the harvest operation for a faster workflow with less data entry, less errors, and less headache. Your cultivation team will thank you.


Connect an RFID wand to the Canix mobile app to quickly audit plant locations and growth phases. With one wave, read an entire room of plants using the Canix mobile app and your RFID wand.


Canix’s can connect to any scale with an RS232 port using a Bluetooth adapter. Expedite your harvest process as Canix optimizes your Bluetooth capabilities using scales like the Ohaus Ranger 3000 and Defender 3000 Bench Scale.

Custom Label Printing

Printing compliant labels is a paramount function cannabis operations. Metrc tags oftentimes only provide the minimum amount of identifiable information, leaving operators to create custom labels to stay in compliance with evolving state regulations. With Canix, create templates for your most frequent prints, add QR Codes to link to your certificate of analysis, and import testing data straight from Metrc, Confident Cannabis, or manually uploaded results.

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What they say about Canix

"Canix has amazing features that make my work easier, killing plants, creating harvests, creating invoices, printing labels.'

Brianna S.
Compliance Coordinator
Sept 29, 2022

"Canix attracted me because of the guarantee of its METRC API integration. A lot of similar software claims METRC integration but few guarantee it. Canix delivers on that guarantee. I was also an early-ish adopter and the software still had some bugs. The team at Canix was wide open to my feedback and was responsive with fast turnarounds of patches and updates."

James C.
CPA / Principal
Dec 12, 2022

"Work horse of a product. We've been using Canix for a few years now and if there is an issue it is resolved quickly and they have worked with us to help make the system more functional for our operations."

Casey R.
Aug 29, 2022

"Canix is easy to use and highly functional. It offers a realistic and practical compliance solution that is relevant to the nature of the cannabis industry. It could stop there, but it doesn't. They are constantly incorporating more useful features."

Danielle V.
Grower Operations
May 30, 2020

"I love the User Interface, and how for the most part it leads you through each step, if there is something that proves challenging, help is only a phone call away. Seriously they pick up right away and have ALWAYS had a quick solution."

Courtney O.
Director of Sales
Sept 28, 2020

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Canix offers an integration with Biotrack that makes it easier and faster for operators to be compliant. Explore it today.