Metrc 101

Metrc is a track-and-trace software system for the legal cannabis industry. It tracks the movement of cannabis products from seed to sale, ensuring compliance with state laws and regulations. By assigning a unique identifier to each plant, regulators can monitor its entire life cycle, from cultivation to distribution and retail. Metrc enables cannabis businesses to operate legally, safely, and responsibly while providing state regulators with real-time visibility into the supply chain.

About Metrc

Metrc is a track-and-trace software solution designed specifically for the cannabis industry. It stands for Marijuana Enforcement Tracking Reporting Compliance, and it is used by state regulators to track and regulate the production, distribution, and sale of cannabis products. Metrc helps to ensure that all cannabis-related activities are conducted in compliance with state laws and regulations. The software tracks the movement of cannabis from seed to sale, allowing state regulators to monitor the entire supply chain, from cultivation to distribution and retail.

The Metrc Supply Chain

When a cannabis plant is first planted, it is assigned a unique identifier, and this ID follows the plant throughout its entire life cycle, including harvesting, processing, packaging, and distribution. This allows regulators to track the exact origin of a given product, as well as its journey through the supply chain, until it reaches the consumer. Overall, Metrc is an important tool for state regulators, not necessarily operators, to ensure that the cannabis industry operates legally, safely, and responsibly, and it plays a key role in the ongoing efforts to normalize the use of cannabis in the United States.


Metrc utilizes RFID tags to allow regulators to scan a particular plant or product and determine its origin. Depending on your state, RFID tag requirements will vary. In most states, operators are required to use a RFID tag on each plant as well as each final, packaged product. Tags are required by Metrc to be on a cannabis business’s entire inventory.

Metrc RFID tags on a cannabis plant used for compliance.
3rd party tools

Integrations Accomplish More

Metrc was built for regulators, not operators. Businesses often report frustration with Metrc's interface and limitations. Working with a third-party software that integrates with Metrc can help to improve compliance, efficiency, inventory management, analytics and reporting, and more.

Workflow Efficiency

Integrating a third-party software with Metrc can help businesses to streamline their operations and improve efficiency. The third-party software can automate many processes, such as data entry and reporting, which saves time and reduces the risk of human error.

Analytics and Reporting

Third-party software solutions can offer additional analytics and reporting features beyond what's available in Metrc. These features can provide businesses with deeper insights into their operations and help them make data-driven decisions.

Inventory Management

Many third-party software solutions provide robust inventory management features that can help businesses to track and manage their inventory more effectively. By integrating with Metrc, these features can be used to automatically update inventory levels in real-time and ensure compliance with state regulations.


"Building picklists/manifests are a breeze. I appreciate we only have to use one software as opposed to multiple when using other inventory tracking software. It is way better than any other software I've used - Biotrack, MJ freeway, Flowhub don't compare."

Amanda R.

Assistant Director of Logistics

"I like the customizable views in Canix most; each role interfaces with Metrc (and therefore Canix) differently. Being able to set up Canix views to facilitate the work I need to perform speeds my day to day up and simplifies data entry."

Canix User

Enterprise Operation

"Canix made Metrc EASY! From batch tags, to plant tags to bluetooth integration with my scale during harvest to quick and helpful customer service (some of the best I've ever received). It kept records and was easily searchable for tags I needed to identify. The bar code scanning made it so easy to do whatever I needed!"

Jill F.


"Canix integrations allow for my clients to do data entry in a user friendly system, and eliminates the need for duplicate data entry into QBO and Metrc. Saves time every month."

Sean L.

Tax & Accounting Manager

A lot of similar software claims METRC integration but few guarantee it. Canix delivers on that guarantee.

James C.

Principal / CPA
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