Biotrack 101

Biotrack is a software system designed for state regulators in the legal cannabis industry to track and trace the movement of cannabis products from seed to sale. Its purpose is to ensure compliance with state laws and regulations. In contracted states, operators must report to Biotrack in order to remain compliant.

About Biotrack

Biotrack is a software system used in the legal cannabis industry by state regulators to track the movement of cannabis products from seed to sale. Its purpose is to ensure that cannabis products are in compliance with state laws and regulations, and it helps to prevent the diversion of cannabis into the illicit market. The software is designed to provide transparency in the supply chain and enable regulators to quickly identify any issues that may arise.

The Biotrack Supply Chain

Biotrack is designed to support the entire supply chain of the legal cannabis industry. It starts by tracking the planting and cultivation of cannabis plants from seed to harvest, and then it tracks the movement of the plants through processing, packaging, and distribution until they are sold to the end consumer. Biotrack also helps to monitor the inventory levels of cannabis products, manage sales transactions, and track customer information. By covering all aspects of the supply chain, Biotrack provides a comprehensive solution for state regulators to ensure that cannabis products are in compliance with state laws and regulations.

3rd Party Tools

Integrations Accomplish More

One of the key features of Biotrack is its ability to integrate with other software systems used in the cannabis industry, such as ERP, track-and-trace inventory management, and laboratory information management systems. This allows for a seamless flow of data throughout the supply chain, improving efficiency and accuracy.

Workflow Efficiency

Integrating a third-party software with Biotrack can help businesses to streamline their operations and improve efficiency. The third-party software can automate many processes, such as data entry and reporting, which saves time and reduces the risk of human error.

Analytics and Reporting

Third-party software solutions can offer additional analytics and reporting features beyond what's available in Biotrack. These features can provide businesses with deeper insights into their operations and help them make data-driven decisions.

Inventory Management

Many third-party software solutions provide robust inventory management features that can help businesses to track and manage their inventory more effectively. By integrating with Biotrack, these features can be used to automatically update inventory levels in real-time and ensure compliance with state regulations.

What Our Clients Say

"Building picklists/manifests are a breeze. I appreciate we only have to use one software as opposed to multiple when using other inventory tracking software. It is way better than any other software I've used - Biotrack, MJ freeway, Flowhub don't compare."
Amanda R.
Assistant Director of Logistics
"I like the customizable views in Canix most; each role interfaces with Metrc (and therefore Canix) differently. Being able to set up Canix views to facilitate the work I need to perform speeds my day to day up and simplifies data entry."
Canix User
Enterprise Operation
"Canix made Metrc EASY! From batch tags, to plant tags to bluetooth integration with my scale during harvest to quick and helpful customer service (some of the best I've ever received). It kept records and was easily searchable for tags I needed to identify. The bar code scanning made it so easy to do whatever I needed!"
Amanda R.
Assistant Director of Logistics

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