Financial Tools Designed for Cannabis

With Canix's robust yet intuitive accounting features, cannabis businesses maintain healthier ledgers and maximize their cash flow. Canix sits at the center of the operation, syncing data and activities across the supply chain.


Discover Meaningful Metrics

Optimize your operation and understand how data translates into your strategy. Canix empowers operators to track essential KPIs and manage trends over time.


Generate granular reports on revenue, cost and margin per month and per product.


Manage outstanding balances, track accounts receivable and accounts payable all from Canix.


Set expectations and run forecasts based on current and historical sales and costs.


Create, assign and supervise costs across the business.


Follow Better Business Practices

  • Maximize tax deductions with granular Cost of Goods Sold (COGS)
  • Utilize robust reporting and dashboards to refine daily operations
  • Create bills of materials (BOMs) and recipes to track finances
  • Oversee all of your sales orders and outgoing transfers from within Canix
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Automate Busy Work

Operators eliminate hours of data entry with integrations and automations. With Canix's open API, almost anything is possible.

admin controls

Trust a Single Source of Truth

Operators with improved controls are able to limit their risk, reduce waste, and understand their business better. With user permissions, you can be confident that your data is safe and accurate.

User Permissions

Administrators on the platform can dictate the access specific employees have to areas of the business. Limit users to hide, view, or edit particular modules.

Locked Fields

To protect data once you've approved it, users can lock a sales order, the weight of a plant, an employee's access, or something else to keep it accurate.

Protected Data

Features such as user groups, permissions, locked fields, view-only, and more, ensure your data is safe and precise.


What our customers are saying

Canix is easy to use and highly functional. It offers a realistic and practical compliance solution that is relevant to the nature of the cannabis industry.

Danielle V.

Canix has amazing features that make my work easier, killing plants, creating harvests, creating invoices, printing labels.

Brianna S.

Canix integrations allow for my clients to do data entry in a user friendly system, and eliminates the need for duplicate data entry into QBO and Metrc. Saves time every month.

Sean L.

I love the User Interface, and how for the most part it leads you through each step, if there is something that proves challenging, help is only a phone call away. Seriously they pick up right away and have ALWAYS had a quick solution.

Courtney O.

I appreciate we only have to use one software as opposed to multiple when using other inventory tracking software. It is way better than any other software I've used - Biotrack, MJ freeway, Flowhub don't compare.

Amanda R.

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