Avoid Expensive Compliance Mistakes

The cornerstone of any cannabis operation is compliance. Canix’s centralized platform is designed to adhere to all regulatory standards and allow your operation to focus on growth.

Track and Trace

State Reporting Made Easy

Integrating other software systems with state compliance platform can help to improve efficiency and reduce errors by automating tasks that would otherwise require manual data entry. ERP systems provide users additional functionality and help to future-proof a business by ensuring that it can adapt to changing regulations and technology

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Custom Label Printing

Printing compliant labels is a paramount function cannabis operations. Metrc tags oftentimes only provide the minimum amount of identifiable information, leaving operators to create custom labels to stay in compliance with evolving state regulations. With Canix, create templates for your most frequent prints, add QR Codes to link to your certificate of analysis, and import testing data straight from Metrc, Confident Cannabis, or manually uploaded results.

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admin controls

Trust a Single Source of Truth

Operators with improved controls are able to limit their risk, reduce waste, and understand their business better. With user permissions, you can be confident that your data is safe and accurate.

User Permissions

Administrators on the platform can dictate the access specific employees have to areas of the business. Limit users to hide, view, or edit particular modules.

Locked Fields

To protect data once you've approved it, users can lock a sales order, the weight of a plant, an employee's access, or something else to keep it accurate.

Protected Data

Features such as user groups, permissions, locked fields, view-only, and more, ensure your data is safe and precise.


Efficient Management of an Intelligent Business

Explore Canix's reporting capabilities for valuable business insights. With advanced data filtering and forecasting tools, view sales history by Sales Rep and optimize cultivation trends. Streamline workflows and boost efficiency through data-driven decisions. Canix's reporting offers flexibility to positively impact your bottom line.


A deeper understanding of past, present and future financial trends.


An always live view of cannabis, and non-cannabis, inventory available to sell.


A real-time monitoring function for analyzing cultivation production, profitability, forecasting, and more.


An intuitive look into planning, production, yield, waste, and more key metrics throughout the process.

Manage Lab Testing

Streamline your testing inventory and data by managing it all in one platform.

Lab Integrations

Canix supports integrations with lab testing platforms such as Confident Cannabis.

Manual Lab Results

Save hours of data entry time by uploading test results directly into Canix with a CSV.

Custom Label Printing

Design and print labels that fulfill your compliance and operational needs.

Testing Packages

Keep track of your inventory and testing packages with lab transfers and results all within Canix.

User Reviews

Canix stays up to date with latest compliance regulations and API's. You can actually do everything in Canix and not have to go in Metrc rarely. This is by far my favorite program to use with the BEST customer service!

Sara S.

[Canix] easily integrates into Metrc and has helped mitigate a lot of user errors that our team was creating with Metrc! It is very straightforward and easy to follow!

Ariel F.

Canix integrations allow for my clients to do data entry in a user friendly system, and eliminates the need for duplicate data entry into QBO and Metrc. Saves time every month.

Sean L.

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