LeafLink Integration

LeafLink connects 8,300+ retailers with 3,400+ brands and distributors for streamlined cannabis commerce. When integrated with Canix, users can automatically sync inventory and manage sales orders.

Better Together

Streamline your cannabis commerce with LeafLink's extensive network of 8,300+ retailers, 3,400+ brands, and distributors. And with Canix integration, managing your inventory and sales orders has never been easier. Automatically sync your inventory and streamline your order management with LeafLink and Canix.

Ensuring Accurate Inventory Levels

Canix keeps a constant pulse on what's in stock with a live inventory view.

Your Central Sales Platform

Canix serves as your central sales platform, integrating effortlessly LeafLink, Metrc and QuickBooks.

Streamlining Workflows

Canix provides a streamlined workflow, effectively removing the need for manual data entry and helps eliminate the risk of human error.

Limit the Busy Work

Trust the automated sync to keep your data accurate and flow information freely between the platform with ease.

A Seamless Seed to Sale Experience

LeafLink and Canix each offer their own robust platforms for cannabis operators. When combined, the two software solutions create an easy-to-easy and transparent work environment.

A 2-way sync keeps data accurate on both platforms
Easy set up takes less than 2 minutes

About LeafLink

LeafLink's mission is to provide growing cannabis businesses with the tools they need to manage their businesses more effectively and accelerate growth. By virtualizing the supply chain, Leaflink is defining the way thousands of cannabis brands, distributors, and retailers do business.

Visit Leafink's website to learn more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does it cost anything to use this integration?

As long as you are a Canix and a LeafLink user, you can integrate the two platforms for free.

Q: Can I also remove inventory from LeafLink myself?

Yes! Simply select the packages you wish to remove and select the “Remove Inventory from LeafLink” option from the Actions dropdown.

Q: How do I integrate Canix and LeafLink?

Integrating the two platforms takes just a couple of minutes. Click here to find the integration instructions in a Help Center article.

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