Lab results where you want them

The Confident Cannabis integration works within Canix's platform to create a robust work environment for users. Confident Cannabis allows users to place orders and receive results but when combined with Canix, so much more is possible:

  • Automatically sync information
  • Generate labels with Confident Cannabis results
  • Analyze your data over time
  • Eliminate manual data entry
  • And much more

About Confident Cannabis

Confident Cannabis software simplifies testing and wholesale trade to help legal operators test, buy and sell compliant cannabis.

Learn more by visiting the Confident Cannabis website.

Compliance Management

Confident Cannabis tests and reports quickly to help regulators manage the market.

Online Database

Users can access all of their information at any time through an online portal.

Robust Integration

Confident Cannabis sends data directly to Canix and automatically generates labels.


Canix provides help desk resources and trainings for operators to properly use the Confident Cannabis integration and resolve problems

How the integration works

The flow of data from Confident Cannabis to Canix occurs in one direction.

In Canix, users can pick a package to work with or print a label for. That package will be connected to lab results in Confident Cannabis. Users can print labels from Canix that will automatically have the lab results data from Confident Cannabis pulled in.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does the integration cost money?

No. As long as you are a user of both Canix and Confident Cannabis, it is free to integrate the two platforms.

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