Onfleet Integration

Onfleet is a trusted last mile delivery solution for thousands of companies across dozens of industries, including cannabis. Onfleet streamlines your operations and integrates with Canix to manage tasks.

Streamline your Delivery Operations

Automate task creation and workflows between platforms
Empower employees and customers with smooth operations
Automatically create tasks from transfers
Reduce administrative costs
And more!

About Onfleet

Onfleet’s mission is to power the future of commerce by enabling businesses of all sizes to move goods more efficiently and delightfully.

Visit onfleet.com today.

Instant Optimization

Onfleet will optimize the routes for drivers for the most efficient task execution.

Data Analytics

Onfleet and Canix store detailed task history and performance metrics.

Automatic Integration

Information between Onfleet and Canix are automatically synced in the background for real-time data access.


Canix and Onfleet provides resources and trainings for operators to properly use the system and resolve problems.

How the integration works

Users can automatically create Onfleet tasks from a Canix Transfer.

First, users must connect the two platforms by using an API key. Then, when transfers are created, users will have the option to "Create Onfleet Task" directly from the task page.

Canix teamed up with the Onfleet team to develop the robust and custom-built integration. This direct partnership ensures that our system can seamlessly transmit data between the two platforms.

Learn more about the integration by visiting Canix's Help Center.

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Better Together

Managing finances is a critical part of every operation along the cannabis supply chain. With the Canix and Quickbooks integration, you can create orders or pre-orders, create invoices, and manage payments, all in one place.

Useful Historical Data

Access historical transactions that have impacted the inventory levels of all products, batches, and packages. This feature also applies to both cannabis and non-cannabis inventory.

Easy to Audit Inventory

Prevent both stockouts and overstocking by having complete visibility into the current stock levels of all your components, packaging supplies, ingredients, product variants, and finished goods.

Granular Inventory Control

Create recipes or bills of materials for each finished good and easily create assemblies and production runs.

Confidence in Accuracy

Be confident that all the vital information related to your orders, taxes, and payments is automatically synced and directed to the appropriate accounts.