Dutchie Integration

Canix integrates with Dutchie to streamline workflows and provide a comprehensive view of your supply chain. Take advantage of our full seed-to-sale reporting to understand costs, revenue, and margins for each product. Optimize operations with Canix for production and Dutchie for retail, the best-in-breed integrated solution.

From seed to sale

Achieve Operational Excellence

Enhance visibility and control over inventory levels with Canix's dynamic integration with Dutchie. Seamlessly centralize ordering and inventory management using a single source of truth. Tap into advanced user management capabilities to oversee dispensary operations from Canix and ensure accurate production planning.

Better Visibility

Improve collaboration between teams with easy access to real-time retail stock levels and inventory data. Simplify production planning to meet customer demand and enhance inventory levels. Quickly gain insights into costs, margins, and revenue.

Stronger User Management

Give your team more control over user accounts and access. Assign specific users to handle tasks and functions, which increases productivity and reduces errors by ensuring that each employee is responsible for the right task. Robust user management and permissions also help to strengthen system security.

Streamlined Order Management

Improve retail operations with a clear view of current and past production from manufacturing and cultivation licenses. Streamline ordering by purchasing directly from retail license to avoid overselling and overstocking and maximize inventory turnover.

better together

Simplifying the Supply Chain

The Canix-Dutchie integration is a powerful solution that saves businesses valuable time and enhances transparency and collaboration in the cannabis industry. By combining Canix and Dutchie, businesses can streamline their operations, improving ROI and gaining actionable insights into costing, pricing, and demand. With seamless communication between Canix's production and procurement components and Dutchie's excellent POS and retail functionalities, supply chain management is optimized and costly errors are reduced. Harnessing the combined capabilities of Canix and Dutchie enables businesses to unlock increased efficiency, profits, and rapid scaling.

About Dutchie

Dutchie is an all-in-one technology platform that powers the cannabis industry, offering Point of Sale, Ecommerce, Payments, and Insurance solutions.


Dutchie's payment solutions allow safe and secure cashless payments, creating a convenient in-store shopping experience.

Point of Sale

Dutchie POS system makes shopping and selling cannabis easy. It provides a seamless retail experience for budtenders and customers.


Get more sales with a real-time e-commerce menu that's fully automated. Choose either quick, hassle-free options or fully customizable ones to reach customers.


Dutchie Insurance provides comprehensive protection for the entire cannabis industry, from seed to sale.

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