Outlaw Technology & Canix

Canix & Outlaw have partnered to combine best in-class cannabis tech for day-to-day operations and high level strategic management. By connecting Canix’s comprehensive ERP feature set to Outlaw’s innovative RFID Desperado Handheld and OG Harvest Systems, we enable you to seamlessly complete daily workflows, automating data collection & streamlining common actions (compliance, harvest, audits, plant/package movements, and waste) to save time and reduce errors. Canix is the engine that drives your business, and use Outlaw to automate entering the data that fuels it. 

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Streamlined Operations

Automated RFID Auditing and Harvesting

Pairing Canix’s robust inventory tracking and costing modules with Outlaw’s RFID Desparado handhelds lets you quickly audit rooms and find plants or packages, while capturing and responding to trends at the same time. Adding Outlaw’s RFID OG Harvest system further streamlines and automates your harvest to post-harvest processing workflows. Bridge the gap between your daily operations and strategic planning with our connected and comprehensive solution.

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Improved Visibility and Data Accuracy

Utilizing Canix’s powerful reporting and tracking web tools in conjunction with Outlaw’s mobile devices removes the stress and costs of data inaccuracy, while improving visibility across your business. Use the Outlaw Desparado to instantaneously audit rooms, move plants or packages, and eliminate human error. Our offline mode sync means you won’t miss a single datapoint, no matter where you are.


Enhanced Efficiency and Workflows

Employing Canix and Outlaw together drastically reduces manual data entry and boosts productivity. Deploy our joint solution to save 50-80% in time and labor on every compliance action, audit and harvest. Save even more time and money on the back end by utilizing our automated data entry and reporting functions to respond to trends in real time. Experience the accelerated scalability of a system that works for you. 

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Metrc Connect: A Better Way to Integrate

Canix was Metrc’s inaugural launch partner for Metrc Connect V2, a brand new form of Metrc integration. This allows for instantaneous and extremely accurate bi-directional synchronization, utilizing webhooks instead of API calls. Outlaw is Metrc’s only Platinum RFID Integration Partner, and many state auditors actually use Outlaw’s Desperado handhelds when in the field. Take advantage of the best-in-class Metrc integration from two of Metrc’s most trusted partners. 

What else?

Common Questions

How do I set up the integration?

Canix and Outlaw are currently integrated through Metrc only. Outlaw will collect your data and upload it, and then Canix will immediately pull it from Metro Through Metrc Connect V2. Please reach out if you are interested in using both of our platforms in a non-Metrc state; we would love to talk to you! 

Does it cost extra to integrate Canix and Outlaw?

Canix never charges extra for integrations; there is no additional charge if you are already subscribed to both Canix and Outlaw.

Where can I learn more?

If you're interested in using Canix and Outlaw together, contact us today to schedule a demo.

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