Wayfast Scale Integration

With WayFast scales, cultivators simply place the plant and the data is automatically captured. The scale can clock in at 1,200+ plants per hour. Once finished, users can quickly upload their harvest file into Canix, saving operators hundreds of hours of labor and eliminating any manual data entry.

A Wayfast scale being used at a cannabis cultivation facility.

Leave the spreadsheet behind

With this integration, Canix and WayFast are innovating industry standards for software and hardware integrations.

  • Save time and money in the cultivation process
  • Quickly capture accurate data
  • Automatically upload harvest information to Canix
  • Simplify state mandated reporting and stay compliant
  • And much more

About WayFast

WayFast was established to provide the next generation of cannabis hardware required for the unique needs of cannabis cultivators. By focusing on speed and simplicity, we've developed best in class solutions to deal with the tedious tasks associated with harvest compliance. WayFast aims to build tools that become a natural extension of our users ability and fit seamlessly into cannabis cultivations.

Find out more at gowayfast.com

How the integration works

An integration between Canix and WayFast means you no longer have to rely on pen and paper, additional button clicks, or optical scanning. Users can utilize state mandated RFID tags to automatically capture plant weights with WayFast's touchless harvest solution. Then data uploads directly to Canix’s system for review prior to submitting to state required track and trace systems.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How does the scale work?

Users place a product on the scale and it will automatically read the Metrc tags and write the information onto a USB that is plugged into the device. Based on the tags created, it will break separate strains into separate harvests. The USB can then be uploaded into Canix via a special uploader we are building to submit the harvest information to Metrc.

Q: How do I purchase a WayFast Scale?

If you're interested in placing an order please reach out to our Sales team at sales@canix.com.

Q: Do I need to print my own RFID tags?

No, you order all of your tags from you state track-and-trace system directly. For example, you may need to order directly from Metrc or Biotrack.

Q: Does this actually save time?

The WayFast scale can capture plant weights in under 4 seconds per plant! Along with the automated data upload to Canix, users can save hundreds of hours.

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