Green Check Verified Integration

Green Check Verified (GCV) is a regulatory software and services company founded in 2017 by a team of technology, banking, and regulatory experts. GCV focuses on the intersection between community banking and the emerging legal cannabis industry and aims to provide the services and tools needed to connect these two industries in compliant and profitable ways.

A comprehensive financial solution

The Green Check Verified integration works behind the scenes with Canix's platform to offload reporting tasks for users. GCV automatically pulls information from Canix to give users the ability to:

  • Upload sales records automatically
  • Sync product, price and total order info effortlessly
  • Enhance data visualization for business intelligence
  • Cross-reference payment details easily
  • And more

About Green Check Verified

GCV counts over 100 U.S. banks and credit unions as partners, and over the past year, has widened its ability to give financial institutions their own bespoke solutions for building cannabis products and service offerings. GCV continues to tackle one of the most significant challenges facing the industry, namely, that CRBs remain largely underbanked and underserved. 

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Due Diligence

Standardizes the due diligence process and automates documentation upkeep and maintenance

Compliance Rules Engine

Prevents any non-compliant funds from entering an institution while maintaining visibility into a customer’s corrective actions

Account Monitoring

Reduces the time and effort required to perform oversight with visibility into each cannabis business’s activity

FinCEN Reporting

Reduces the time, cost and risk associated with FinCEN reporting requirements

How the integration works

The integration between Green Check Verified and Canix allows users to sync sales, mirror product, price, and total order and avoid manual uploading.

Once orders in Canix are considered archived, meaning they are totally complete, GCV will pull that sale information into its own platform.

Syncing between the two systems happens every night and will only occur for archived orders. Orders that are in progress will never been synced into a users GCV account, ensuring all data is accurate.

Once synced, the information provides users in-depth visualization on sales order IDs to better allow for cross-referencing of payment details, while enabling support for multiple payments out of the box.

To set up the integration, users need to find their unique Canix key and input it to their GCV platform. That's it!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I set up the integration?

Simply provide your unique Canix key to your Green Check Verified platform and the syncing will happen automatically.

Q: What information is sent to Green Check Verified from Canix?

Once a sale is archived, Canix sends the sale ID, product, price and total order info to Green Check Verified automatically on a nightly basis.

Q: Why would I use this integration?

Hundreds of financial institutions use Green Check Verified for their cannabis portfolios to mitigate risk and manage compliance. If your banking institution requires you to submit sales information via GCV, then this integration will automate that reporting for you.

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