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Tailoring ERP Solutions to Different Types of Cannabis Operators

July 3, 2024
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Emily Wanless
Head of Product & Implementation

As Head of Product at Canix, I often reflect on the vision for Canix, which market segments we aim to serve, and how we differentiate ourselves from the competition. As a team, we explore the diverse needs of different cannabis operators and prioritize our roadmap accordingly. Over the last few years, we’ve actively shifted to serve mid-to-large size, vertically integrated operators, aiming to give them a solution that helps them take control over their rapidly expanding businesses. To better serve these customers, our priority has been to develop premium features built for scale. While we’ve seen several other players enter the Cannabis “ERP” space, like Distru or Flourish, most cater to the long tail of smaller customers, offering a budget solution better suited for less complex operations. 

Canix is designed to serve operators of all sizes but we are also often considered by larger, more sophisticated operators alongside traditional ERP providers like Sage X3, Acumatica, or SAP. The main difference between Canix and these traditional enterprise platforms, besides being purpose-built for Cannabis, is that we believe in a ‘best-in-class’ approach. The other platforms mentioned above are generally ‘all-in-one’, with tools like accounting modules built right in. While this can look good on paper, Canix’s approach allows for flexibility, with accounting, wholesale, testing, and POS integrations that let you build an ideal technology stack, while still maintaining a robust centralized approach to data.

While our goal is to serve the needs of all Cannabis operators, we pride ourselves on being able to scale up alongside our customers as they mature and evolve, adding functionality like integrations and advanced reporting, to meet the needs of larger, more sophisticated businesses.

Leading Requirements for Large-Scale Operations

Regional Oversight

Canix is designed to handle the complexities of large-scale operations spanning multiple regions and state compliance systems. We integrate with Metrc, and Biotrack, and offer a ‘standalone’ instance of Canix for states without mandatory 3rd party tracking or for centralized non-cannabis material management. Canix consolidates this data across reports and dashboards, giving operators a clear, unified view of their entire business. This capability is crucial for companies that want to track costs, maintain oversight and compliance, and standardize workflows across different jurisdictions.

Seed-to-Wholesale Verticalization 

Canix’s fully vertical approach is critical for vertically integrated operators. By managing every aspect of the operation—from seed to wholesale—Canix ensures that all data is interconnected and accessible. This holistic view is vital for understanding the complete lifecycle of products and optimizing every step of the process. Having multiple systems inevitably leads to gaps in your data. There are 2 types of data gaps that we regularly help resolve: 

  • Gaps in your costing data: Many cannabis softwares started with inventory management, and haven’t expanded to costing. Canix’s focus is “Profit Per Gram”, and provides a comprehensive yet flexible platform to track product costs along SKUS. 
  • Gaps in your chain of custody: Point solutions like Distru and Trym track only a portion of the seed-to-sale process. This creates data gaps and long implementations as employees learn two systems, and how they fit together.  

Inventory Management at Scale

Canix was the first Cannabis “ERP” to release non-cannabis inventory (“NCI”) tracking over 3 years ago, and we’ve continued to innovate. We incorporated BOMs and Production Planning that automatically draw from existing inventory as you complete production runs. We also added NCI for cultivation, letting you track consumables and make cost tracking more accurate. We recently added lot locations that function independently from the state tracking systems, letting you better manage the Cannabis and NCI in your warehouse more effectively, saving valuable time. One large Michigan customer reported saving over 200 hours a month on inventory reconciliation after switching to Canix! 

Costing and COGS Calculations

One of Canix’s standout features is its advanced costing and COGS (Cost of Goods Sold) calculations. Costing can either be done automatically (Bills of Materials), or added ad hoc. These tools provide operators with detailed insights into their financial performance, enabling informed decisions that enhance profitability. Our ability to accurately track costs at every stage of production, from Seed to Wholesale, is unique to Canix and gives unprecedented visibility into margins across your entire business.


While Canix may offer vertical coverage for your production line, integrations are key for any sophisticated operator. From state compliance systems to accounting platforms, testing labs, wholesale networks, and even hardware, Canix is built to make working across multiple necessary systems as painless as possible. 

State Compliance

Metrc Connect: Canix was the first to integrate with Metrc’s v2 or “Connect” API, setting a new standard for accuracy and functionality in terms of Metrc integrations. This early adoption means faster, more reliable data syncs and greater capabilities directly within the Canix platform. Operators benefit from real-time updates and streamlined compliance management, reducing manual errors and saving time. Biotrack: After initial integrations in early Biotrack states, Canix is now making strides against BioTrack’s API-only compliance features in Florida and New York. Canix has hundreds of NY operators using or planning to use Canix, including some of the largest current players helping to define the nascent market.


Sage Intacct: Canix replaces the inventory module in Sage Intacct, and syncs financial transactions to reduce double data entry, providing a best-of-breed cannabis-specific ERP. 

QuickBooks: Canix's integration streamlines accounting information across departments, creating a unified system for managing orders, tracking invoices, and handling payments.

We see lots of operators graduating from Quickbooks to Sage Intacct as their accounting needs become more complex. Our integration with Intacct helps to streamline that change, and we partner with a number of consultants with in-depth knowledge of both Canix and Intacct to support you even further. 

Other Integrations:

Confident LIMS: Our integration associates lab results with inventory and generates compliant labels automatically.

Dutchie (POS): Connect retail facilities with Canix to provide a complete view of the supply chain from seed to final sale, automating processes and inventory management. We can also work alongside other retail platforms (just without as much automation).

LeafLink: Keep inventory and sales orders synced, ensuring accurate and up-to-date stock levels with less double data entry. We also offer a simple import/export tool for Leaf Trade and an Apex Trading integration is on the way. 

RFID & Scanning

Compliance tags aren't easy to track and use without scanning capabilities. Canix offers scanning throughout the product to quickly search and select the correct inventory for production and sales.

RFID technology, integrated via partners like Outlaw Technologies & StashStock, is critical for improving efficiencies any time you want to move or audit Metrc inventory. Their hardware gives you real-time, on-the-go tracking for plants, packages, and harvests, reducing manual labor and errors, and enhancing overall inventory accuracy. Combine that with Canix’s backend data platform for the ultimate Cannabis production toolset. 

Enhanced Sales and Distribution Features

Features like custom invoices, auto allocation of Metrc package tags for order fulfillment, and pre-filled manifests streamline sales operations and improve efficiency. Although platforms like Distru focus entirely on sales and distribution, Canix offers unique functionalities that set it apart; facility history and reporting from seed to wholesale, tools designed to support large-scale operations with extensive SKUs and complex distribution networks. 

Custom Reporting

Our brand new custom reporting feature  allows users to create tailored reports that meet their specific needs. Whether it’s tracking specific metrics, analyzing performance across different SKUs and regions, or generating compliance reports, users will have the flexibility to build and customize their reports directly within Canix. The overarching goal is to eliminate the manual effort required for maintaining the highly detailed and unique reports that senior leadership demands.

Enhanced Implementation and Real-Time Support Teams


Recently, we made a strategic change to bring our implementation team under the product team. This alignment ensures a direct connection between what we build and how we deploy it, creating a seamless feedback loop between our customers and our product roadmap. This means quicker adaptations, more relevant features, and a smoother onboarding process for our users.

Real-Time Support Services

We’ve also been investing heavily in our support desk infrastructure. Rather than waiting for a dedicated person to get back to you, Canix offers reactive phone, email, and chat services to provide immediate assistance. This support model ensures you get the help you need exactly when you need it. Backing this is the robust and ever-evolving Canix Help Center, filled with self-training resources and YouTube videos to empower users to find answers quickly 24 hours/day, 7 days/week.

Value for Smaller Operators: Why Other Platforms Might Be A Better Choice.

For smaller, simpler operations with fewer SKUs, a platform like Distru, Flourish, or Trym may be a more value-oriented option. For example, Distru’s focus on basic sales and distribution functionalities makes it suitable for operators who don’t need the extensive capabilities of Canix. Features that smaller operators might value include straightforward order management, basic compliance tracking, and simple workflows that don’t require much training. Flourish’s streamlined features can reduce overhead and simplify workflows, which is ideal for businesses that are just starting or have limited resources.

Canix’s comprehensive, vertically integrated approach and advanced features make it the ideal choice for mid-to-large-sized operators, and those on their way there. 

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