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6 Reasons Cannabis Cultivators Should be Using Software

June 2, 2022
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Madison Bunce
Director of Marketing

Now, more than ever before, cannabis cultivators are under pressure to deliver a high-quality product on a consistent basis that meets customer demand. However, many farmers in the cannabis industry are still using pen and paper or rudimentary software solutions to track inventory and run their business. While this may be fine for now, technology continues to evolve quickly in this space and cannabis cultivators need to keep up if they want to remain competitive.

A cannabis cultivation software doesn’t have to be overwhelming; it can streamline your cannabis operation and improve your profitability. Whether you call it a Cannabis ERP, Seed to Sale Software, Grow Software, or something else, it should be designed with your operation in mind. At the end of the day, these cannabis software solutions are designed to provide your operation with new functionality and better workflows.

Inventory Management

To be a successful cannabis cultivator, you need to be able to maintain an accurate inventory of your plants and products. If you have different strains in production, it’s important that you can tell at a glance where each plant is in its life cycle. Additionally, if there are multiple people working on growing the same strain, all of them need to know exactly what is happening with any particular batch of plants. A software program will help keep everyone on the same page and make sure that no one misses anything important about their crops.

There are several advantages for using software for managing your inventory:

  • It keeps your operation compliant by having real-time data available for reporting at all times
  • The data becomes more reliable because it is not transcribed or typed manually
  • You can access your information from anywhere via mobile phone or tablet
  • You can customize reports based on how often they need them (daily, weekly)

Click here to learn more about Canix's cultivation workflows feature.

Task Management

Task management software is a key component of an efficient cannabis cultivation business. It helps you organize your daily tasks, prioritize them, and track their progress. You can also use task management software to measure the progress of your tasks and save time in the process.

What’s more, using this type of software will allow you to better manage projects that are being worked on by multiple people at once. This will result in more efficient communication between team members who are working on different aspects of the same project or task at hand. More importantly, it supports a more profitable business by limiting busy work and improving cross-communication.

Customer relationship management (CRM)

Customer relationship management (CRM) software is key for cannabis cultivators. CRM allows you to keep track of your customers and their history, which helps you improve your operations and sales.

  • Keeps track of customer information: CRM can keep records of all your customer's information, including name, email address, phone number and more. This will help with things like finding a lost order in the event that they forget what they ordered or need an address change on an order before it ships out.
  • Tracks customer purchases: If a customer has bought from you several times before—and especially if they're repeat customers—you'll want to be able to quickly find their orders in case there's ever any confusion about what items have been purchased previously. For example: If I buy some flower today at my local dispensary but then come back tomorrow wanting something different but don't remember which strain I'd picked out last time (because I'm high), having access through their system would help me figure it out immediately because there would be no guesswork involved in trying to remember where exactly those seeds came from!
  • Integrates with POS systems: Many eCommerce platforms, including Canix, integrate with Point-Of-Sale systems so that merchants can process transactions faster while also knowing exactly how much inventory was sold and how many sales were made during that particular period.

Click here to learn more about Canix's CRM and Sales Orders tools.


Accounting software is a must-have for any business, including cannabis cultivators. It makes it easier to track all of your financial activity and stay on top of your expenses and revenue. With accounting software, you can keep track of sales trends and analyze your results in order to make informed decisions about how much money you should spend on operations or where the most profitable areas are to sell your product. Accounting software also helps with tax reporting, so that you don’t have to do it yourself manually (which would be difficult without knowing what numbers go where).

Dashboards and Data Analytics

Dashboards are an essential part of business intelligence. They allow you to monitor and track your business, helping you see how it’s performing and where it’s headed. As a cannabis cultivator, dashboards can be particularly helpful because they provide insight into the overall health of your operation—helping you identify areas in need of improvement, alerting you when something is wrong (or about to go wrong), or simply letting you know that everything is running smoothly as usual.

A byproduct of using software to manage all aspects of your operation is collecting more data than ever before, encouraging operations optimization. If this sounds overwhelming, don't worry! With the right tools at your disposal—and with some practice—you'll soon find yourself fully comfortable with managing a larger volume of information than ever before!


We find that integrations tend to be the most popular feature for a cannabis company when choosing their software solutions. This can be a Metrc integration, Biotrack integration, accounting software integration, or something custom using an open API.

Using integrations with a cannabis cultivation software reduces hours spent on data entry, improves plant traceability and supports a flexible teck stack. This means cannabis cultivators are free to use the softwares they prefer, alongside their seed to sale tracking software.

The more cannabis software you can find to manage your business, the more time you'll have to focus on what you do best -- growing cannabis.

If you're a cannabis cultivator, then it's important that your business is as efficient and profitable as possible. The more time you can spend growing cannabis, the better.

The only way to do this is with the right software. Whether it's in your grow room or in your office computer, there are plenty of products out there designed specifically for the needs of cannabis businesses. The right software can help automate processes, track inventory, manage employees and much more -- saving money and increasing profits while freeing up time for what really matters: growing great plants!

There are a lot of products out there that claim to be the best, but with so many cultivators already using Canix and loving it, it’s hard to deny the fact that this is one of the top software choices for cannabis cultivation. With features like instant access to your data from any device, integration with Metrc, cultivation forecasting and an easy-to-navigate user interface, it’s no surprise why so many growers have taken up this software as their daily driver for managing their operations.

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