Sales Orders

With Canix you have the option to create orders or pre-orders depending on how your operation works. In addition, our reporting provides inventory availability so your sales team can ensure they are creating orders only from what is available. With sales orders we have the abilities to help with this process such as automatic package allocation (FIFO), adjust taxes and fees, and create pack slips for your fulfillment team.


Once sales orders are created, you have the ability to create invoices which can have preferred payment terms and the ability to be sent digitally through email or a unique URL. Here is an example of a digital invoice - Link Here

Integrate with your accounting system with Canix to automatically transmit invoices. From this area you can also record payments in Canix that can also be transmitted through the integration.

Customer Records

In Canix you will have a customer records that contain all of your information about that customer as well as historical order information. This information will be included in sales reporting by customer, timeframe, or products. Canix also stores a prospective customer list that has all of the licenses in your state searchable that can be imported into your customer files.

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