New Features in Metrc
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March 18, 2020
Effective Date:
March 16, 2020
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Metrc® Support
Metrc is providing an update on our newest features in the system.
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Greetings Metrc Users,

The bulletin provides information on the latest enhancements to Metrc, which will become effective on March 16, 2020. The enhancements are listed below. Detailed descriptions of each change are provided on the following pages.

I.                    Improved the Hover display to use a table instead of a data list and incorporated dynamic positioning.

II.                  Added two buttons to grids to quickly scroll to the top or bottom of a page.  

III.                Users authorized to manage package inventory will see a Same Item option when creating New Package(s)

IV.               An In Transit tab has been added to the Packages page for all facility types.  

V.                 A Lab Samples tab has been added to the Packages page for facilities that can record test results.

Added the ability to specify the Transfer Destination’s total Gross Weight when enabled.

Updated Hover Display

When hovering over any magnifying glass in Metrc, a user will now see the updated table view as shown in Figure 1 outlining the relevant information that is currently associated to the record. In addition to the new view, users will now notice that Metrc has incorporated dynamic positioning of these tables. Meaning, if the mouse is on the left, the display will appear on the right of the screen. If it is on the top, it will appear on the bottom.  

Figure 1: Updated Table View When Hovering Over a Package

New Feature: Scroll Buttons

All grids in Metrc have been updated to include two new buttons on the far right of the interface. These scroll buttons allow users to select to jump to the top or bottom of the respective page that they are on as shown in Figure 2 and Figure 3 below.  

Figure 2: Scroll to Bottom of Screen
Figure 3: Scroll to Top of Screen

New Feature: In Transit Tab

Users with the View Packages permission have access to a new In Transit tab on the Packages area as pictured in Figure 4. The In Transit tab allows users to easily view/search packages currently in an active Outgoing Transfer or in an active Rejected Transfer.

Figure 4: In Transit Tab  

New Feature: Lab Samples Tab

Users within testing facilities who have theView Packages permission have access to a new Lab Samples tab on the Packagespage as pictured in Figure 5. TheLab Samples tab allows users to easily view/search individual test resultsrecorded on sample packages.

Figure 5: Lab Samples Tab

New Feature: Same Item Checkbox

Users have a new Same Item checkbox option when creating a new package from an existing package as shown in Figure 6. Checking Same Item will assign the same package item from the source package. This option allows licensees who receive packages of an item not previously configured for their license to repackage and create lab sample packages using the same item name from the source package. Using the Same Item feature does not add the item to the list of items for that license.

Figure 6: New Package(s) Action Window with Same Item

New Feature: DestinationTotal Gross Weight  

Users with access to create transfers will now be able to enter the total gross weight for their packages in a transfer when gross weight is an enabled option. This is show in Figure 7 below. The gross weight is intended to indicate the total weight of the product itself, including the weight of the packaging, container,or tote that the product is within.

Figure 7: Transfers with Destination Total Gross Weight

Pleasefeel free to contact support at support@metrc.comor 877-566-6506 with any questions.

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