New Enhancements in Metrc
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February 10, 2020
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Metrc® Support
Metrc is providing an update on our newest enhancements for Locations, Multiple Drivers, Editing Transporters, and Sales Deliveries.
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Greetings Metrc Users,

Metrc is pleased to provide information on our newest enhancements within the software that will be available on February 10th,2020.  

Users who have the ability to create and associate a Room to Plant Batches, Plants, Harvests, or Packages will now see these columns referenced as a Location. A Location will function in the same way a Room has in Metrc. Initially, users will see a new field in the Location grid that is referenced as Location Type. This will automatically be set as “default” and any Locations that have already been created will be associated to the“default” status. If there is a change to a Location Type configuration, users will be notified in advance with a bulletin.  

When creating Licensed Transfers, users will now be able to designate multiple drivers per transporter. Once a transporter is designated and the transfer is saved, users with access to the Transfers Hub in Metrc will now be able to utilize the “Lookup” feature for saved driver and vehicle information when editing a transfer.  

Please find on the following pages a detailed description of the enhancements:

New Enhancement: Locations  

Any user with permissions to the Rooms grid in Metrc will now see that it has been replaced by Locations. All areas in Metrc that were previously referenced as a Room will now show as a Location. All existing entries will not be affected by this change. Each existing Location will be associated a “default” Location Type as seen in Figure 1 that allows for the usage of that Location in any area of Metrc.  

Figure 1: New Location Grid  

All buttons and columns in Metrc where a Room was utilized will now be referenced as a Location. Figure 2 provides an example of these changes will look once updated. All existing inventory will automatically be associated to the same Location it was in prior to the change.

Figure 2: New Change Location Buttons and Column

When creating a licensed transfer, users will now see a new

icon in Figure 3 beneath the driver's Information. We selected, a second row will populate allowing user a to record multiple driver's within a single transporter as seen in Figure 4. The

icon allows for the user to remove the rows as needed.

Figure 3: Updated Licensed Transfer Layout

Figure 4:Multiple Drivers for a Single Transporter

New Enhancement: Transfers Hub Lookup  

Users with access to the Transfers Hub grid in Metrc will now be able to utilize the same “Lookup”feature which has been available when creating a Licensed Transfer. Once used,the Lookup will store either a Driver or Vehicle information so that it can be auto populated for future use when selected.  

                                                                                                                                                                                                Figure 5: Transfers Hub Selectable Buttons  

Figure 6:New Lookup Feature when Updating Transporter Info

Update: User Guides    

Metrc has updated both the Manual / User Guide and Michigan Supplemental Guide which can be found underneath the Support dropdown menu.

Figure 7: Support Menu Dropdown

Please feel free tocontact support at support@metrc.comor 877-566-6506 with any questions.

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