Opening Balance Plant Batch Deactivation
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January 21, 2020
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Metrc® Support
: Metrc in providing clarification and guidance on the deactivation of Opening Balance Plant Batches
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Greetings Metrc Users,

Per the instruction of Michigan Marijuana Regulatory Agency (MRA), the Opening Balance Plant Batch will be deactivated on 01/21/2020. Metrc would like to provide clarification on the deactivation of Opening Balance Plant Batches. The deactivation of Opening Balance Plant Batches means that all plant batches now must come from a source plant or package. The source plant must be either in the vegetative or flowering state in Metrc, or else the source package must be a seed or immature plant package.

After the deactivation of Opening Balance Plant Batches, licensees can request permission from the MRA to be granted the ability to create an Opening Balance Plant Batch. Requests must be sent to

Please find on the following pages for the guidance on the change in the procedure:

Creating a Plant Batch from a Source Plant

Since the plantings will no longer be able to be created in the immature plant page, the user must navigate to the vegetative or flowering plant tab to select the source or“mother” plant that the clone(s) will be taken from. Once selected the user will use the  

button to create the immature plant batch.

Figure 1: Select Source Plant

Next use the action window to create the immature plant batch, recording the number of clones in the batch, strain, room, and planting date and select the “Create Plantings”button.

Figure 2: Create Plantings Window

The user can now navigate to the immature plant tab in the Plants screen and verify that the planting(s)s information is correct, including the “Source Plant” tag number.

Figure 4: Create Planting from Seed Package

Then utilizing the action window, input all required information for the new immature plant batch. Oncethe information is correct and verified by the user, then select the “Create Plantings” button. This will create the immature plant batch under the“Immature” tab of the Plants Screen.

Figure 5: Create Planting from Package Action Window

Please feel free to contact support at support@metrc.comor 877-566-6506 with any questions.

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