Upcoming Configuration Change on Opening Balance Packages and External Transfers
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Distribution Date:
October 1, 2019
Effective Date:
October 14, 2019
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Metrc® Support
MRA and Metrc are providing notice to all licensees on an upcoming configuration change that will restrict users from creating “Opening Balance Packages” and a new process for Caregiver product intake.
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Greetings Metrc Users,

This bulletin is to provide notice that on October 14th, 2019 the MRA will be making a configuration change in Metrc that will no longer allow the creation of “Opening Balance Packages” for all active licensees. This feature has been used during the beginning inventory phase for licensees entering the system for the first time and designating caregiver intake. Moving forward, all caregiver product intake will need to be entered into Metrc through the External Transfers feature.

Please find on the following pages a detailed description of the configuration changes:

Removal Of Opening Balance Packages

When users currently select the New Packages button in Metrc the image in Figure 1 will populate. This is what Metrc references as an “Opening Balance Package” that do not require a source package or harvest to be designated upon creation. On October 14th, 2019 this feature will be removed for all licensees requiring a source package or harvest designation of all new packages as seen in Figure 2.

Figure 1: Opening Balance Package
Figure 2: Source Package

External Transfers Steps

External Transfers is a two-step process which will require a user to go to the External Transfers Grid as seen in Figure 3 create and then complete an External Transfer. The two-step process is as follows:

Figure 3: External Transfers Grid

Step 1: Creating an External Transfer

Once you’ve selected “External” under the Transfers tab on the navigation bar. Create the incoming external transfer by clicking the “New Transfer” button. This will bring up a screen (Figure 4 ) where you will enter the required information to begin the process of receiving caregiver inventory. You should complete the fields as follows:

Type: Select the Caregiver transfer option from the dropdown menu.

Caregiver License Number: Registered Caregivers license number.

Phone Number: Enter a valid phone number. This can be designated as the Business Phone Number and not the Caregiver’s phone number.

Planned Route: This can be stated as “Received and weighed at PC-00000”.

Item Name, Quantity, and Packaged Date: These fields correspond to the specific items and quantities being transferred. The date packaged should be the day that you are entering the items into Metrc. The quantities should be exact and should account only for the product being received.

Figure 4: Incoming External Transfer

Note: Clicking “Register Transfer” does not create tagged packages in your inventory; you must complete Step 2 (below) to complete the incoming external transfer.

Step 2: Completing the External Transfer

Creating a pending incoming transfer from Step 1 does not immediately associate Metrc package tags with those items. Without completing the transfer, a licensee will not show the proper inventory and will not be in compliance with MRA inventory reconciliation requirements. To create tagged packages, a licensee must complete the pending incoming transfer by clicking the “Complete” button to the far right and then entering the required information. The quantities entered in Step 1 will be auto-populated; you should confirm the accuracy of the quantities and assign a unique Metrc package tag to each item. Licensees must have package tags available to complete this step. The tag assigned to the product in the system should be physically affixed to the associated product. Once the information is accurate and complete, clicking the “Complete Transfer” button will create the packages with the specified quantities in your inventory.

Figure 5: Pending Incoming External Transfer
Figure 6: Completing Incoming External Transfer

Creating Plantings from Packages

After completing the Incoming External Transfer (as described on the previous page) the packages of seeds, plants, or usable marijuana will appear in your inventory in the Active section under the Packages tab on the navigation bar. For those seeds and plants that are intended for cultivation, you will now need to transition them into the Plants section of Metrc. If you are planning on storing seeds, they would not need to be transitioned directly to the Plants section.

Because plants are required to be received in as a package through the External Transfers, you will need to Create Plantings from each package to move the product into the Plants section. All plants regardless of phase will enter the Plants functionality as an Immature planting.

Figure 7: Creating a Planting from a Package
Figure 8: Creating Plantings Dialogue Box

Please feel free to contact support at or 877-566-6506 with any questions.

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