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Top 10 Reasons to use both Metrc and Canix

March 23, 2021
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Metrc is the track and trace system used by the majority of US states for government-mandated inventory control. Canix is a seed-to-sale system that not only includes inventory tracking but other reporting and operations to run your business. We wrote another post defining the difference between seed-to-sale and track-and-trace here.

Metrc provides the basic functions of inventory control but if you are looking for meaningful inventory tracking and the features to help you run your business, you will need a system like Canix. Here is a list of some important features provided by Canix beyond Metrc services:

  1. Sales CRM and Invoicing

Canix’s cutting edge invoicing, CRM, and sales management system tracks inventory from a sales perspective. This enables the sales team to accurately sell products, integrate with accounting systems, and generate invoices. Most importantly, utilizing this functionality helps managers and the sales team understand current inventory levels. 

  1. Business Intelligence Reporting

A large value for Canix customers is the advanced reporting capabilities. With Canix you have access to costs of goods sold, harvest profitability metrics, manufacturing yield outputs, historical reporting, sales reporting, and many other data points unavailable in the Metrc platform.

  1. Integrations (Accounting, Leaflink, Onfleet, and more)

With Canix you can Integrate Quickbooks accounting or a number of other services you use to prevent the need for double entry and streamline your operations. 

  1. Tag Scanning (RFID and Barcode)

The Metrc system is based on unique 24-character tags with built-in barcodes and RFID chips. However, Metrc does not provide the ability to scan these tags for barcodes or RFID. Canix has built-in integrations with barcode and RFID readers to quickly scan tags. 

  1. Mobile App

Metrc does not provide a native mobile app for their system which causes many issues for operators. With Canix, operators can work in the field as well as work offline with a simple mobile interface. 

  1. Live Inventory

Canix has launched a new live inventory platform to assist with the sale of products with your very own online stores. This allows for the usage of multiple online stores all tied directly back to your inventory. 

  1. Task Management

Track upcoming tasks and understand the productivity of your workforce with the Canix task management platform. 

  1. Inventory Forecasting & Production Planning

Want to know what your future production looks like based on operational inputs? Scrap the complicated spreadsheets and let Canix help forecast your future production. 

  1. Manufacturing Features

Tools for cannabis processors and manufacturers are necessary to run an efficient operation and monitor yield performance. With Canix you can track your non-cannabis inventory and manufacturing outputs. 

  1. Responsive, Helpful Customer Support

Canix has a great relationship with Metrc, but it’s important to note that Metrc’s customer is the government. With Canix you can trust that you have a compliance partner in your corner. We’re here to help you not only stay compliant but make the most of your business through our incredible Sales, Success, and Support teams.

“Wow am I glad I signed up with Canix before all this Metrc transition or I’d be so lost” - Good Vibes Supply - Stonewall, OK

You guys are awesome, so awesome that I like to sell you to other growers.” -  Savin’ the Farm - Waukomis, OK

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