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Metrc Connect Updates From Canix

July 11, 2024
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Nicole Ziegler
Chief of Staff

Metrc, a leading provider of technology systems for regulating cannabis in the United States, launched an improved integration experience for third-party partners called Metrc Connect in 2023. In our blog post from May 2023, we announced that Canix was the first integrator with access to Metrc Connect, demonstrating our commitment to providing the best integration with Metrc's software.

Stacey Hronowski, CEO of Canix, stated:

"We are proud to announce that we are the first integrator with access to Metrc Connect. This improved integration will enable us to provide our users with even more comprehensive and efficient solutions to meet their business needs. We are excited to continue collaborating with Metrc to drive innovation and improve the lives of cannabis operators."

Higher Accuracy and Faster Access with Metrc Connect

Since integrating with Metrc Connect, Canix has seen stellar results:

  • No More Active Package Discrepancies: Canix can now automatically sync and audit exact matching of active Metrc package data. The addition of pagination in Metrc Connect removes the previous limitation of accessing Metrc data only in 24-hour increments. Canix can now retrieve the exact set of current and historical Metrc data directly from Metrc’s API, resulting in excellent accuracy of Metrc data in Canix.
  • 99.9% Metrc Uptime Guarantee: Metrc has agreed to a 99.9% uptime guarantee for Canix with the upgrade to Metrc Connect. Combined with Canix’s resiliency infrastructure, this ensures consistent, reliable availability for syncing and submitting to Metrc.
  • Automatic Data Refreshes Every 10 Minutes: For all packages and transfers, Canix now pulls Packages and Transfers automatically every 10 minutes into Canix. This increase in speed has reduced the times that operators need to select “Metrc Data Refresh,” a major improvement to customer workflows.
  • Bulk Data Submissions and Tracking: The addition of object limits in Metrc Connect, combined with submission batching infrastructure in Canix, has created more reliable and granular submissions to Metrc. Bulk submissions of hundreds to thousands of plants and packages in a single Canix submission now proceed smoothly. Metrc now immediately returns IDs of submitted information with Metrc Connect, allowing immediate synchronization and tracking in Canix.

Future Upgrades and Improvements

In the next few months, Canix will continue its integration with Metrc Connect, with upgrades to include:

  • 10-Minute Metrc Data Syncs for Plant Batches, Plants, Harvests, and Facility Data: Similar to our upgrades for packages and transfers, we will soon release our integration of Metrc Connect across all Metrc data. Plant batches, plants, harvests, items, strains, locations, and any other data created in Metrc will sync into Canix every 10 minutes instead of nightly.
  • Improved Workflows: We are adding features such as marking Packages as trade samples to track costs for sample packages and working on submitting plant waste to Metrc with a Canix workflow soon as well.


The integration with Metrc Connect has yielded many benefits for Canix customers. As Canix continues to expand its integration, users will receive an even more seamless, rapid, and robust experience. We are excited about our partnership with Metrc, and how it will evolve in the future.

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