Canix Product Update: October 2023

October 31, 2023
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New Features

Batch Record PDF Tool

Canix is proud to unveil the Batch Record PDFs tool, a game-changer in streamlining manufacturing procedures within the cannabis industry. This innovative tool simplifies the creation of audit records, adheres to Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), and bolsters audit readiness. It offers executive-level summaries and valuable analytical insights into aspects such as yield variances, manufacturing outcomes, and Cost of Goods Sold (COGS). Meeting the audit record requirements of California, the Batch Record PDFs tool is a testament to Canix's dedication to quality, compliance, and audit readiness.

To learn more about the new Manufacturing Batch Record PDF, visit the announcement here.

Improved Features

API: Purchase Order Endpoint

In a bid to simplify the sales management process for users, Canix's open API now boasts a new feature: the POST purchase order endpoint. This feature offers more integration options and a smoother creation of purchase orders. Users can seamlessly link their existing sales and purchasing procedures, enabling a more streamlined approach to purchase order creation. This added functionality empowers users to pick software that best meets their needs, leading to enhanced efficiency in inventory management with Canix.

Reporting: Location Sales

Users seeking to understand their sales by location can now leverage the Sales Overview report and the by Location, by Custom views. This feature allows users to gain insight into their strongest sales areas within the state and identify who their customers are in those regions.

Labels: Product IDs & Batch Numbers

Source Production Batch Number(s) Available for Labels in Metrc States

Canix now includes the Source Production Batch(es) as a field when users create labels. This addition is due to changes in Metrc’s API behavior, as the Production Batch # no longer transfers from a source package to a child package in Metrc states. The inclusion of the Source Production Batch(es) field enables users to continue displaying production batch numbers for child packages.

State Product IDs Added to Labels in Several States

Canix has added Metrc's State Product IDs to custom labels to support fast, compliant labels in Louisiana, Maryland, Massachusetts, Missouri, and Ohio. Users will also find the State Product Identifier for Metrc Items on the package and items tables in Canix for items that require a State ID.

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