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Canix Product Update: April 2023

April 30, 2023
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Custom Package Statuses

Easily organize and keep track of inventory by utilizing custom statuses uniquely crafted around your operation. These statuses can be as granular or general as needed.

Each status allows for a custom name, color, and restriction that will be used to determine the actions available for inventory in that status. The restrictions go from least restrictive to most restrictive:

  • Can be added to sales orders and transfers
  • Cannot be added to sales orders and transfers
  • Cannot be edited or added to sales orders and transfers

Custom package statuses are set up in the Custom Phases section of Canix. Check out this short video from our Product team covering the new feature: Custom Package Availability Statuses.

Click here to read more about the Custom Package Availability Statuses feature.

Bucking Report

Record employee bucking data per harvest to track performance, calculate commissions, and determine bucking costs associated with a harvest.This video from our Product team covers the report in action: Bucking Report Overview.

Click here to read more about the Bucking Report feature.

Sage Purchase Order Updates

Convert Purchase Orders and Purchase Order Receivers from Canix to better confirm received orders and invoiced quantities.

Convert Purchase Order to Purchase Order Receiver

  • Once a Purchase Order has been sent from Canix to Sage and inventory has been received in Canix, the PO can be converted to a PO Receiver through Canix's Receiving Actions on a PO
  • Check out this quick video from our Product team covering this feature: Sage PO to PO Receiver

Convert Purchase Order Receiver to Vendor Invoice

  • When payment terms and amounts have been verified, and the Purchase Order has been converted to a PO Receiver, that PO Receiver can be converted to a Vendor Invoice

See the Sage Intacct section of the Canix Help Center for additional documentation on the integration.

BioTrack Facilities - Harvest Plants

BioTrack facilities in Canix can now harvest "Current" plants. Plants with the same strain can be harvested in bulk. When a harvest is submitted, the plants are moved to the "Drying" default view, and packages of Other Material and Waste are created if any quantity was entered for each. This video from our Product team covers the new functionality: Harvest BioTrack Plants.Canix will soon be releasing Cure Harvest functionality to complete the cultivation workflow in BioTrack.

API Updates

GET Manufacturing Endpoints: Canix has added two new endpoints to be able to query key Manufacturing data

Manufacturing Run

  • Run Metadata (Name, Type, Status, Yield, etc.)
  • Machine Information
  • Cannabis Inputs
  • Non-Cannabis Inputs
  • Waste
  • Labor
  • Cannabis Outputs  
  • Manufacturing Batch

Batch Data (ID, Status, Dates, etc.)

  • Run IDs

See these two new endpoints in our API documentation

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