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New Feature: Custom Package Availability Statuses

April 26, 2023
 Min Read

Canix users can now effortlessly organize and keep track of their inventory with greater efficiency and accuracy by utilizing custom package availability statuses that are uniquely crafted to suit their specific operation.

At the heart of any successful inventory management strategy is the ability to accurately monitor and track inventory levels. With custom package availability statuses that are tailored to individual operations, users can easily categorize inventory items based on availability, location, or any other criteria that are important to their business. This not only makes it easier to find and retrieve items when they are needed, but also enables users to quickly identify when items are running low and need to be replenished.

In addition to streamlining the inventory management process, custom statuses also provide greater visibility into inventory levels. By keeping close tabs on inventory availability, businesses can make informed decisions about stock levels and avoid overstocking or stock-outs. This level of control over inventory levels enables businesses to operate more efficiently and effectively, reducing waste and maximizing your profits.

Whether you are a small business owner or a large corporation, custom statuses help to optimize your inventory management process and keep your operations running smoothly. Start taking control of your inventory management today with customizable statuses that are designed to meet your business needs.

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