Canix Monthly Product Recap: November Highlights

December 5, 2023
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As Canix continues to innovate and refine its platform, November brings a variety of new features and improvements designed to streamline operations for cannabis businesses. From enhancing customer communications with the introduction of Sales Order PDFs to the implementation of an efficient tag management system, each update is meticulously crafted to maximize productivity and compliance. Let's explore the latest advancements Canix has unveiled this month.

New Features

Sales Order PDFs

Canix has introduced Sales Order PDFs, a new feature that elevates customer communication. This tool enables users to generate PDFs directly from Canix Sales Orders, providing clear, professional summaries of the products and quantities sold before requesting payment via Canix Invoices. This feature enhances customer satisfaction and transparency, making it a significant addition to the Canix suite.

Copy-Paste Package & Plant Tags

Streamlining workflows is now easier with Canix's new tag management enhancement. Users can copy and paste a list of package and plant tags from any text source directly into the tag search on the Packages and Plants table in Canix. This development is a significant time-saver, quickly updating batches of tags with ease.

Alerts for Failed Submissions

Canix has implemented a new alert system for failed or partially failed submissions, ensuring users stay informed of any issues with submissions they have made or approved. This feature promotes prompt resolution of submission issues. Additionally, users can stay informed about the latest Metrc API changes affecting submission views in Canix here.

Improved Features

Credits Added to Sales Detail Report

The Sales Detail report in Canix now includes a "Credits" section in the Sales Order table, providing a more comprehensive overview of Sales Order totals. This update includes details like item subtotals, discounts, credits, delivery fees, and various taxes, offering a complete financial picture.

Search Non-Cannabis Usage by Tag and Lot ID

Canix has enabled new search functionalities in the Non-Cannabis Usage Report, allowing users to easily track the application of non-cannabis inventory to specific tags or lots. This enhancement aids in cost and ingredient audits. Additionally, the Non-Cannabis Usage Overview Report now includes filters for package tags, plant tags, and lot IDs, with detailed usage information available.

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