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Canix Unveils Powerful Integration with Dutchie for Enhanced Cannabis Business Operations

July 13, 2023
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Stacey Hronowski
CEO & Co-Founder

Canix now offers an integration with Dutchie that will support more efficient order and inventory management workflows, production planning, and reporting for its users. This integration gives companies more transparency across the supply chain, and an opportunity to improve collaboration and visibility in the highly competitive cannabis industry.

Amplified Transparency

A key advantage of this integration is the ability for retail locations to gain real-time insights into ongoing and completed production under manufacturing and cultivation licenses. This feature empowers businesses to plan future production effectively and ensure inventory levels are adequate to meet customer demand, thereby optimizing their return on investment.

Empowered User Management

The integration also introduces enhanced user permissions, facilitating controlled management in purchasing and receiving inventory functions. This feature is particularly beneficial for larger organizations with multiple departments or locations, as it promotes an organized and efficient approach to inventory management. By assigning specific permissions, businesses can delegate inventory-related tasks to designated users, adding an extra layer of security to the system. This not only simplifies the process of keeping inventory up to date but also minimizes errors and discrepancies in inventory records.

Efficient Order Management

The Canix-Dutchie integration centralizes ordering and inventory management, allowing users to place purchase orders directly from their retail license. This eliminates the need for separate menu sending and order management, simplifying the purchasing workflows. Furthermore, the integration enables manufacturing and cultivation teams to monitor stock levels in retail facilities, thereby streamlining production planning.

Comprehensive Reporting

The integration offers complete seed-to-retail-sale reporting, tracking costs from planting to harvest, packaging, processing, and final retail sale. This feature provides businesses with a comprehensive understanding of their operations, enabling them to make data-driven decisions and increase efficiency.

In conclusion, the Canix-Dutchie integration brings a plethora of benefits to cannabis businesses, from improved inventory management to enhanced production planning and comprehensive reporting. By providing additional transparency in the supply chain, this integration empowers businesses to improve efficiency and visibility in the highly competitive cannabis industry. Harness the power of Canix and Dutchie today to unlock increased efficiency, profits, and rapid scaling.

To learn more about the Canix-Duchie integration, visit or watch the integration in action below.

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