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The canix web application is designed for robust reporting, quick data entry, to give you business critical insights and fly through your task management. With integrations of the software you utilize most – Quickbooks, OnFleet, and Leaflink – the web application is designed to support your office needs, whatever they may be

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The web app is a tool for robust reporting, with numerous integrations so all your data is in one place

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Lightning Fast Data Entry

With built-in shortcuts, fast loading times, and bulk actions, Canix’s web app makes data entry a snap

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The Canix mobile app has company wide reporting for yield, mortality rates, inventory value, etc. Multi-license and multi-state operators can view all of their inventory in one place.

software integration
Integrations With Your Favorite Software

Canix integrates with Quickbooks Online, Quickbooks Enterprise, OnFleet, and Leaflink, so all your information is in one place.

account tracking
Accounting Tracking

Canix’s intuitive, understandable invoicing, purchase orders, historical inventory, and

admin approvals
Robust Admin Approvals

Easily view all user logs,  approve and reject submissions, and alter user permissions on the web

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Automatic Label Printing

With built-in county requirements, and templates, and automatically generated labels, you should never need to make a label again!

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Powerful Forecasting

Canix helps you forecast and understand your upcoming yield for clones, harvest, and inventory, so you can optimize and plan your sales

customer management
Detailed Customer Management

Canix includes a CRM of all potential customers in your state. Your days of searching up licenses are over!

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