RFID & Mobile Barcode Scanning (Bluetooth)

Use Canix Automate data entry of tags using scanning software. Scan tags quickly with an RFID scanner which works with Metrc tags or scan Canix created tags.

Ensure the correct tags are selected and limit data entry mistakes. Scan plant tags from up to 10 feet away with RFID technology or turn any mobile device into a barcode scanner for Metrc tags. Additionally this works with bluetooth integrated scales.

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Mobile App Scanner

Use mobile devices to scan Metrc tags or custom Canix barcodes for a seamless scanning experience. This cost effective option works both on and offline and with both iPhone and Andriod devices.

WayFast Scale RFID Scanner

The WayFast scanning system is the fastest way to harvest at scale and capture accurate plant weights. This system automatically scans RFID tags when placed on the scale and will create the offline harvest files for transfer into Canix.
         - Average scanning at 4seconds / plant

RFID Wand Scanning

The Canix mobile app can also sync with RFID wands via bluetooth integration that enables you to quickly scan tags through out the operation and works with bluetooth integrated scales. This can work for both harvesting and normal workflows during cultivation, distribution, or processing to replace pen and paper or lengthly Metrc numbers.

scan at scale
Scan at Scale

The RFID wand can pick up tags from 10 feet away and the camera scanning is instantaneous.


Canix scanning technology helps harvest 3x faster. The RFID want can can instantly regards of damage.

automatic auditing
Automatic Auditing

Nightly cycle counts are a thing of the past. Use the RFID wand to determine the amount of inventory in your facility.

triggerless entry
Triggerless Entry

Canix has programmed the RFID wand to pick up tags without pressing the trigger. Walk around your facility and scan tags instantly.

offline logo
Offline Enabled

Our scanners work in environments with no connection. You don’t need connection to speed up your data entry.

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Easy Setup

The Canix mobile app can be up and running within seconds of downloading and connecting your account.

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