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Cannabis Point of Sale Software

Canix cannabis point of sale software provides a suite of tools empowering dispensary staff to sell more products with premium inventory controls and compliant workflows. The Canix seed-to-sale solution provides an all-in-one retail management software for the cannabis supply chain.

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Best Cannabis Point of Sale Software for Budtenders and Managers

With so many cannabis point of sale options to choose from for dispensaries it has become a difficult decision for operators to make. That is why Canix has focused on providing an all-in-one retail management solution for dispensaries and vertical operators. We have focused our system on developing budtenders into powerful sales people and providing managers with access to metrics to ensure maximum profitability. Additionally, you can remarket to customers with our built in marketing platform to keep customers buying.

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Best In Class Inventory Reporting & Compliance

Utilize a lean inventory management team with access to user friendly reporting and inventory updating to ensure accurate inventory levels. With loss prevention safe-guards and a simple interface Canix provides owners and managers tools to maintain inventory precision while maintaining accurate compliance reporting with state track-and-trace systems. Inventory control and maintenance is the lifeblood of a successful dispensary.

The Canix retail module is one part of a powerful ERP system designed specifically for the cannabis industry and offers the following services:

Check-In Process - Quickly queue customers to check-in and run scanned identification across the state database to ensure compliance measures are followed properly.

Check-out Process - Enable a quick purchase process while increasing ticket prices, prevent loss, with a user friendly cart system that is intuitive for bud-tenders, and give them all of the tools to sell cannabis and non-cannabis goods.

Online Menus & Delivery - Allow customers to browse your selections online and create pre-orders or delivery orders. Utilize a checkout

Coupons, Promo’s, Loyalty Tracking, and Specials - An important aspect of fostering customer relationships is through various offerings on products to promote loyalty through discounts and rewards for past purchases.

Payments - Get the lowest rates on payments for ATM transactions and Credit Card transactions as they become available across the world.

Inventory Management - Manage back of house and front of house inventory with advanced tracking and financial reporting to ensure how much you have on hand with audit tools and reports.

Purchase Orders & Vendor Tracking - Track vendors and purchase history with a cannabis ordering and tracking system.

Marketing & CRM - Market to your past customers with outbound communications through email and text. Use our marketing programs to access your customer base to incentivize them to purchase more products.

Multi-Location Support - Access reporting across locations to manage corporate operations and simplify location health reporting moving away from complicated spreadsheets.

Employee Management - Review performance reports and information on bud tenders to help promote best practices and increased sales.

BI Reporting - Customize reporting with BI tools to filter reports based on your requirements.

Integrations - Use our open API to integrate as well as utilize products across the supply chain with our interactions.

Hardware - Using the best hardware is important to increase efficiency across operations and with Canix cannabis point of sale system you will be able to use high quality hardware.

Metrc Integration - Automate metrc data transfer to prevent double data entry and have one source of truth. Harness our Metrc data validations to reduce Metrc data entry errors.

What Sets Canix Cannabis Retail Management Software and Point of Sale System Apart?

Canix provides a unique product built as a full-scale ERP to provide tools for cannabis companies along the supply chain including cultivators, manufacturers, distributors, and retailers. We’re a team of expert software developers who have built tools specifically for the cannabis industry and our unique approach to product building through customer guidance has led to the best cannabis software products.

  • Ease of use
  • Integrations
  • All-in-one
  • Compliance
  • Robust Feature Set
  • Hardware Integrations
  • Total cost of ownership = Initial Cost + Operation Cost + Maintenance Cost + Downtime Cost
  • Support Business Growth
  • Customer Support
  • Reporting

If you are learning about point of sale software for cannabis, here is some information on the industry.

The cannabis industry is evolving around the globe and in the US in Canada, there are 1000s of dispensaries that have opened up to supply the countries with cannabis products. Each state has developed into its own micro-market with their own unique regulations and requirements surrounding the sale of cannabis. This has created the need for cannabis specific software to track and manage transactions while being compliant with track-and-trace systems. This market dynamic has created the need for seed to sale systems like Canix that both process transactions and manage inventory in accordance to state track and trace systems, like Metrc, integrating data points along the process.

Each state has its own requirements for tracking and compliance regulations for cannabis sales. A quality POS system will enable tracking of products and purchases with automated submissions to the compliance system. However, it should also have guard rails in terms of processes dispensary staff can take in terms of both loss prevention and compliance.

It is important to find the best cannabis point of sale for your operation to ensure staff can use it properly, you can easily build processes around how it functions, and it enables you to sell more efficiently.

If you are looking for a consultant to help you with this process, we would be happy to help you during your deliberation. If you’re seeking a 3rd party opinion, we recommend the group over at MJStack who can help guide you during the decision process.

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Why Canix

Canix provides a unique product crafted for the back-of-house operators that need a complete solution for each department. Canix provides a fully cloud-based desktop and mobile app with advanced reporting capabilities and tools built specifically for Cultivators, Manufacturers, and Distributors. With BI tools, Live Inventory, RFID Scanning, Task Management, and Production Planning, Canix has the features to help operators run their business seamlessly.

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