The Lab Testing State of a Package and How It Impacts Transfers
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Distribution Date:
July 14, 2020
Effective Date:
November 3, 2020
Contact point:
Metrc® Support
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Note: This bulletin changes and overrides Industry Bulletin CA_IB_2020_010, issued May 1,2020.

This bulletin provides guidance to all licensees on upcoming updates within CCTT-Metrc regarding the package Lab Testing States that each license type can receive. These updates are scheduled to occur on 11/3/2020.

I. Considering a laboratory may not retroactively upload COAs or numerical results, Type11 and Type-12 (authorized to engage in distribution activities) licensees are likely using the hard copy passing certificate of analysis (COA) to transport batches that have a CCTT-Metrc testing status of “Not Submitted” to licensed retailers or other licensed distributors.

II. If a Type-11 or Type-12 (authorized to engage in distribution activities) licensee has packages in their inventory that were regulatory compliance tested and the packages have a test status of “Not Submitted” in the system, the licensee must contact Metrc Support by COB 9/15/2020 to initiate a testing ticket to request a test status update.Updating the test status will ensure such packages are not impacted by the 11/3/2020 CCTT-Metrc system update.

III. Please note, if Metrc Support does not receive a test status update request by 9/15/2020, the test status will not be updated, as Metrc Support requires ample time to process such requests. The licensee will need to request re-sampling via to enable the system to automatically update the test status after regulatory compliance testing is performed or the cannabis goods may be destroyed.Contact Metrc Support to request a test status update at (attn:Testing Team) or 877-566-6506.

The Lab Testing State of a package is displayed on the Packages grid as shown in Figure 1 below.

Figure 1:  Lab Testing State on Packages Grid

As there are no remaining temporary licensees in California, CCTT-Metrc will be reconfigured on 11/3/2020 to only allow licensees to receive packages with the Lab Testing States allowed for their license type, as outlined in Figure 2 below.

A description of each Lab Testing State is also provided in Figure 3 below.

Lab Testing States that Can Be Received by Each License Type

Figure 2:  The Lab Testing States that Can Be Received by License Type as of 11/3/2020

Any pending transfers at the time this change is implemented will be able to be completed, even if some of the packages are in Lab Testing States that are restricted under the updated configuration change. However, if a licensee needs to edit such a transfer, they will instead have to void the transfer and recreate it.

Lab Testing State Descriptions

Figure 3:  Lab Testing State Descriptions

Please feel free to contact support at or 877-566-6506 with any questions.

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