Update on Endpoint Changes
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March 4, 2021
Effective Date:
March 12, 2021
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To provide third party integrators with an update regarding endpoint changes to the API which may affect existing integrations with Metrc
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Greetings Metrc® Integration Providers,
We have an important update regarding upcoming changes that impact the Metrc API program
for all instances of Metrc.

Below is a summary of the changes that will take place on March 12, 2021, for the California
program and on March 15, 2021, for all other Metrc programs. The changes listed here are
anticipated to have a positive effect on system performance and API response times in all
states. We encourage integrators to update your code prior to these dates to contribute to
earlier improvements in performance.
• Purge deprecated endpoints:
o GET sales/v1/deliveries
o GET sales/v1/receipts
• Purge deprecated fields:
o Plant Batches and Plants: NewRoom, Room, RoomName, and RoomId
o Harvests: DryingRoom, DryingRoomName, and DryingRoomId
o Packages:
 Room, RoomName, and RoomId
 ProductId, ProductName, and ProductCategoryName
 ItemStrainName, ItemServingSize, and ItemSupplyDurationDays
 ItemUnitCbdPercent, ItemUnitCbdContent, and
 ItemUnitThcPercent, ItemUnitThcContent, and
 ItemUnitVolume and ItemUnitVolumeUnitOfMeasureName
 ItemUnitWeight and ItemUnitWeightUnitOfMeasureName
 ItemUnitQuantity and ItemUnitQuantityUnitOfMeasureName

The following page provides additional details on these changes.

Deprecated Endpoint Update

Within Bulletin 83, Metrc released communications regarding new endpoints for both sales
receipts and deliveries that are intended to replace the old endpoints. At this time, the previous
endpoints for retrieving Sales Receipts and Sales Deliveries will be removed and return a HTTP
405 (Method Not Allowed) error.
Going forward, integrators must use the sales endpoints below to retrieve sales information.
• Sales Receipts
o GET /sales/v1/receipts/active – Active receipts are considered unfinalized
or not voided.
o GET /sales/v1/receipts/inactive – Inactive receipts are considered
finalized or voided.
• Sales Deliveries
o GET /sales/v1/deliveries/active – Active deliveries are considered not
completed or voided.
o GET /sales/v1/deliveries/inactive – Inactive deliveries are considered
completed or voided.

These endpoints will return the exact same object as the original sales endpoints, but the
transaction details will need to be retrieved via a separate GET /sales/v1/receipts/{id}
To retrieve sales receipt details going forward, integrators should take the following steps:
1. Create sales transaction via POST /sales/v1/receipts
2. Retrieve the sales receipt via GET /sales/v1/receipts/active
3. Reference the ID in the returned object
4. Use the ID and apply to GET /sales/v1/receipts/{id} for transaction level details
The new endpoints are already available in the sandbox as well as the production
environments, so you should be able to test and implement prior to the implementation dates
listed on page 1.

Deprecated Field Update

Metrc has previously outlined the transition of Rooms to Locations and going forward the Plant
Batches, Plants, Harvests, and Packages will no longer recognized or return Room details.
Within packages, the item information will no longer be returned independently within the
package response and should be referenced directly with the item object response.

We appreciate your understanding and support. Please contact with any
questions or concerns.

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