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The partnership between Canix and StashStock enhances cannabis business operations and strategic planning. By integrating Canix's ERP capabilities with StashStock's RFID CannaScales & CannaScanners, seamless action tracking and analysis are unlocked. This includes compliance and auditing, as well as harvesting and waste handling. When Canix's powerful web app is combined with StashStock's handheld automation tools, businesses can prioritize growth.

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Streamlined Operations

Seamless Inventory and Process Management

Maximize your operation's efficiency by leveraging Canix's robust inventory modules and reporting functions in conjunction with StashStock's CannaScanner and CannaScale. With Canix's inventory tracking and costing integrated with StashStock's RFID solutions, you can effortlessly audit and manage your inventory while staying adaptive to real-time market trends. This powerful combination streamlines your harvest to post-harvest processes, ensuring that your day-to-day activities align perfectly with your strategic business goals for a holistic and forward-thinking approach.

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Improved Data

Leverage Real-Time Analytics

Turn data into decisions by leveraging actionable insights derived from our powerful partnership. When our platforms are used together, they provide a detailed and comprehensive view of operations, offering real-time feedback to optimize efficiency, reduce costs, and increase profitability. With comprehensive analytics tailored for the cannabis industry, you can make informed decisions faster.


Elevate Efficiency and Capabilities

Optimize your cannabis operations with our system, which is designed to eliminate manual, repetitive tasks and boost productivity. Our collaborative solution saves time and effort in compliance, auditing, and harvesting, while providing instant reporting for agile responses to market changes. This streamlined approach not only conserves resources but also enables scalable growth for your business. Our customizable system can meet your evolving needs.

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seamless compliance

Premier Integration with Metrc Connect

Canix had the honor of being Metrc's first launch partner for Metrc Connect V2, which introduces a new method of integration with Metrc. This new setup provides high-quality, two-way syncing through webhooks, replacing traditional API calls. StashStock is also a verified and trusted Metrc integrator. Together, Canix and StashStock ensure smooth data flow between platforms via Metrc, allowing you to take advantage of the most reliable Metrc integration offered by two of Metrc's most dependable partners.


Adapt and Scale with Confidence

Our solutions are tailored to meet the unique needs of your business. Whether you are a new cultivator or expanding to new facilities and states, Canix and StashStock provide the flexibility to adapt to your specific challenges. Experience a solution that grows with you, enabling scalable operations to support your business's expansion and success in the competitive cannabis market.

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Common Questions

How do I set up the integration?

Canix and StashStock seamlessly work together through Metrc integrations. First, StashStock gathers your data and uploads it directly. Then, Canix promptly retrieves this data from Metrc via the advanced Metrc Connect V2. If you're interested in leveraging both platforms outside of a Metrc-regulated environment, we're more than happy to discuss alternative solutions with you. Please don't hesitate to get in touch—we're excited to explore how we can support your needs!

Does it cost extra to integrate Canix and StashStock?

Canix believes in transparent pricing, which means we don't charge extra for integrations. If you're already subscribed to both Canix and StashStock, there are no additional fees for using the two platforms.

Where can I learn more?

If you're interested in using Canix and StashStock together, contact us today to schedule a demo.

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