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Package Unrooted Clones

August 28, 2020
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Stacey Hronowski
CEO & Co-Founder

What's New

Package Unrooted Clones

You can now create packages of clones from mother plant batches without reducing immature plant counts on the web.

Bulk Adjust Packages

Select multiple tags in package reporting on the web to quickly bulk adjust package quantities.

Bulk Change Growth Phase

You can now quickly make bulk changes to the growth phases of immature plants for multiple plant batches on the web.

In case you missed it

  • LeafLink Integration -  You can now create Sales Orders from LeafLink invoices under Sales > LeafLink Orders. Follow these steps for creating and managing sales orders from LeafLink.
  • Bulk Destroy Plant Batches - Quickly destroy multiple batches on the web following these steps.
  • Bulk Harvest Waste - Create harvest waste on the web by selecting one or multiple harvests. To learn more, follow these steps.
  • Change Package Location - You can now change the location of packages in your inventory on the web. Select Change Location under Actions in package reports on the web to move one or more packages at a time.
  • Sales Order Notifications - Enable this option within users to receive notifications when sales orders are created.

Recent Changes

  • The first column in the Nursery Dashboard now takes into account whether active plant batches have reached their maturation date before counting as active inventory.
  • Source harvests on packages have been updated.

Coming Soon!

Our Manufacturing module is coming soon! Save templates for repeatable processes, create sources, outputs and waste per run, and analyze metrics around labor, processing hours and yields.

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