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Top 7 Podcasts for Cannabis Industry Professionals

October 4, 2022
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Madison Bunce
Director of Marketing

Top 7 Podcasts for Cannabis Industry Professionals

There are hundreds of podcasts out there that cover everything about cannabis and the cannabis industry. This is a list of seven great podcasts that are made for professionals in the industry. We recognize there are more great podcasts beyond this list, but these are some of the best ones out there.

From Pot to Popular

This cannabis podcast discusses “how leading entrepreneurs, executives, and journalists are bringing cannabis into the mainstream.” From legalization to cannabis culture, the show takes a deep dive in the two or three episodes published each month. The show host, Rosie Mattio, is the founder of a communications agency that works with cannabis companies. This show is great for any cannabis entrepreneurs, aspiring or current.

Listen to “From Pot to Popular” now.

NCIA’s Cannabis Industry Voice

This podcast is hosted by the NCIA’s Communications Manager, Bethany Moore on a weekly basis. Each episode has a guest that shares “their experiences, challenges, and successes operating businesses serving the legal cannabis industry.” NCIA is an important organization for the cannabis industry as they focus on policy reform, laws, diversity, equity and inclusion. This show is slightly more broad and great for anyone just trying to keep up with cannabis industry news.

Listen to “Cannabis Industry Voice” now.

Benzinga Cannabis Insider

Benzinga is known for covering the stock market, crypto, life, and business related stories. This podcast focuses on “all things weed, CBD, hemp, and psychedelics.” The bi-weekly show is hosted by Elliot Lane and Javier Hasse and features a few special guests each time. Together, they discuss the latest news and trends in the cannabis business industry, with a special focus on cannabis investing. This show is great for anyone interested in the business side of cannabis.

Listen to “Benzinga Cannabis Insider” now.

Lit Up Founders

While this podcast only has a new episode every month of two, they are all so worth listening too. In each episode, different Co-Founders cover unique cannabis markets and the challenges within them. The show’s host, Brian Weber, also works at Flourish Software as the Director of Onmichannel Strategy & Partnerships.” This podcast is great for anyone interested in following the world of cannabis as it unfolds across the country.

Listen to “Lit Up Founders” now.

Cannabis Cultivation and Science Podcast

Loved by cannabis cultivators, this podcast covers the “cutting edge of organic growing from a science based perspective and draw in top experts from around the industry to share their wisdom and knowledge.” Episodes are published every month by the host, Tad Hussey of KIS Organics, and feature a knowledgeable plant professional. Together, they do a deep dive in cannabis growing practices and the science behind it. This podcast is great for growers and cultivators looking to learn something new.

Listen to “Cannabis Cultivation and Science Podcast’ now.

To Be Blunt: The Professional Cannabis Business Podcast

This weekly podcast is hosted by Shayda Torabi, the CEO of RESTART CBD and cannabis brand marketer. This show hosts cannabis marketers, brand builders, founders, senior level executives, and CEO’s to focus on the evolution of the cannabis industry. This podcast is great for anyone interested in how cannabis industry leaders view the growing market.

Listen to “To Be Blunt: The Professional Cannabis Business Podcast” now.

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