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Streamlining Compliance: A Look into Canix’s Remediation Feature

March 28, 2024
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Luke Reinemann
Junior Product Manager

Date: March 28, 2024

Regulatory compliance is a cornerstone for the success and integrity of every cannabis businesses. Canix's innovative platform provides a compelling solution for cannabis producers facing the complex task of product remediation. This blog post explores Canix's remediation feature, a crucial tool designed to streamline compliance efforts and maintain high product standards.

What is Remediation in Cannabis Production?

Remediation in cannabis production refers to the processes used to bring products into compliance after failing contaminant or moisture content tests. Different states may have varying regulations regarding acceptable remediation methods and steps. It's crucial for cannabis businesses to understand and follow these regulations to stay compliant and ensure product safety and quality.

Canix’s Remediation Feature: A Compliance Lifeline

Canix leads compliance technology by offering a seamless solution for cannabis product remediation within its platform. This integration ensures that compliance actions are accurate and traceable, adhering to state-specific regulations and requirements.

Remediation Processes Requiring Package Adjustments

Canix supports remediation processes that require package adjustments, such as accounting for further drying. This feature is crucial for handling issues like moisture loss without needing to extract or further process the product. Users can easily navigate to the appropriate package, adjust quantities, and document the remediation method and steps taken, all within Canix's user-friendly interface.

The Step-by-Step Guide to Success

  1. Navigating and Selecting Packages: Users begin by navigating to the 'Active' packages within their inventory and selecting those requiring adjustment.
  2. Adjusting Packages: The platform allows for package quantity adjustments to account for moisture loss, with users selecting the appropriate adjustment reason as per state and facility requirements.
  3. Documenting Remediation Steps: After adjusting the packages, users enter the remediation date, method, and detailed steps taken to remediate the product, ensuring the method aligns with Metrc's accepted practices.
  4. Submission and Metrc Integration: The final step involves submitting the remediation process within Canix, which then processes the action in Metrc. This integration ensures that package status updates accurately reflect the remediation actions taken.

Beyond Drying: Recognizing the Need for Expansion

While Canix currently excels at supporting remediation processes that require simple package adjustments, it recognizes the growing need to handle more complex remediation scenarios, like those requiring extraction or further processing. Canix's commitment to evolving its platform in response to customer feedback highlights its dedication to meeting the diverse needs of the cannabis industry.

By simplifying the remediation process and ensuring seamless integration with Metrc, Canix helps businesses maintain compliance and supports the industry's overall goal of delivering safe, high-quality products to consumers.

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