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Canix's Quantity Reservations Feature: Cannabis Manufacturing Efficiency

March 11, 2024
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Canix is excited to unveil its Quantity Reservations feature; designed to  maintaining efficiency while ensuring compliance. This intuituve feature is part of Canix's Manufacturing Module and designed to enhance your operational efficiency by managing cannabis source quantities more effectively.

What Are Quantity Reservations?

Quantity Reservations allows for the reservation of cannabis source quantities during manufacturing processes. This ensures the necessary quantity is available for completing manufacturing processes in Canix, while allowing staging of the required materials ahead of production As packages are selected as inputs for a manufacturing run, the assigned quantity is automatically reserved. This reservation remains until a compliance output package tag is submitted, making the entire process seamless and error-free.

The Impact on Manufacturing Processes

The introduction of Quantity Reservations is a measurable improvement in managing cannabis manufacturing processes. Here's how it affects different aspects of manufacturing:

  • Source Cannabis Quantity Reservations: Automatically reserves quantities as they are allocated to manufacturing runs, reducing the risk of overcommitment and ensuring compliance with output package creation.
  • Non-Cannabis Quantity Reservations: For non-cannabis products used in manufacturing, the quantity assigned to a run is reserved while output package creation awaits pending approvals, streamlining inventory management.

Enhanced Visibility and Control

Canix's Quantity Reservations feature offers enhanced visibility and control over your inventory:

  • Packages Table: New columns for Reserved Quantity and Usable Quantity provide at-a-glance information on what's available for use, sale, or further manufacturing activities.
  • Package Detail Page: Detailed insights into reserved quantities and associated manufacturing runs, offering transparency and control.
  • Package Actions: Reserved quantities are restricted from being used in other areas of Canix, including package actions, sales, and other manufacturing processes.

Advantages for Your Facility

This feature comes with several benefits designed to optimize your operations:

  • Reduced Errors: Minimizes the chances of errors by ensuring accurate tracking of available and reserved quantities.
  • Streamlined Operations: Simplifies the management of cannabis and non-cannabis inputs in manufacturing runs, enhancing operational efficiency.
  • Compliance Assurance: Ensures that all manufacturing activities remain within compliance boundaries by accurately tracking source and product quantities used in processes.

Optimizing Your Operations

With Quantity Reservations, Canix takes a step further in empowering cannabis manufacturers to operate more efficiently while staying compliant. This feature not only simplifies inventory management but also provides a robust framework for managing manufacturing processes with unparalleled precision.

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