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Oklahoma extends Metrc compliance deadline to June 30th

April 29, 2021
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Yesterday, April 29th, OMMA issued guidance that they will be extending the timelines for beginning inventory to be entered into Metrc by 60 days in accordance with a “court order”. 

You can see the announcement here - deadline for Metrc compliance to June 30th, 2021 and the full text includes:

Wednesday, April 28, 2021
OMMA is extending the beginning inventory period for the state’s seed-to-sale tracking system, Metrc, through June 30th, 2021. This decision has been made in accordance with a court agreement. We will continue to provide commercial licensees with additional information as it becomes available.  

This means Oklahoma operators have a new deadline to plan for on June 30th and have all of their inventory information added to the Metrc system. 

What does this mean for operators that have already integrated with Metrc?

The good news is that you are ahead of the curve and will have an additional 60 days to learn how to navigate Canix and Metrc successfully. The unfortunate news is that once Metrc tags have been used they can not be reused and those tags will stay with those plants or packages.

We understand the frustration you may have in adopting this process prior to it being required by the state. These tag and operational fees are difficult but we believe in the long-run learning this process now will set your team up well into the future.

What if I haven’t integrated with Metrc yet?
Fortunately you now have additional time to prepare your data before migrating to Metrc. An important aspect of this preparation is auditing your inventory and packaging any untracked items. As mentioned above, it can take a couple months to get your operation workflows in place for inventory tracking in accordance with a track-and-trace system like Metrc.

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