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Metrc Compliance Required by May 26th for Oklahoma Cannabis Businesses

April 4, 2022
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The Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority (OMMA) is mid-program implementation to require all licensed cannabis businesses to use Metrc: a cannabis traceability solution that provides end-to-end tracking and tracing for government agencies regulating legalized marijuana.

Every commercial licensee in Oklahoma, including growers, processors and dispensaries, must be fully compliant with Metrc by May 26, 2022.

In order to receive Metrc credentials, the owner or key administrator of every commercial license is required to take Metrc’s New Business training. Once that training is completed, Metrc will provide credentials to the licensee for compliance reporting.

Growers, processors and dispensaries must have all their seeds, plants and products tagged and tracked in Metrc no later than May 26, 2022. According to, dispensaries have until August 24, 2022 to sell or legally dispose of untagged items that were in the dispensary’s inventory on or before May 26.

Once you receive credentials, as a licensed cannabis business, you’ll be required to tag every plant and packaged product with an RFID tag and input all of your inventory data into the state’s METRC system for regulatory oversight and compliance purposes. Operators and licensees will be required to report on plant counts, plant waste/byproducts, inventory transfers, product conversions, overall inventory, sales and more.

Unless businesses utilize a fully integrated 3rd party software provider like Canix, you’ll be required to manually enter all of your data into the state’s METRC system.

Most cannabis software will claim to be integrated with METRC but very few have successfully launched full integrations and even fewer have done so in the cultivation and processing stages. Be sure to check the list of validated integrators before choosing your software.

For more information, visit the Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority website.

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