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Canix Adds Three New Reports to the Platform

May 6, 2022
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Canix, the leading seed to sale tracking software, is known for robust reporting features. Business Intelligence reports are unique to the cannabis industry because of the intense data entry and tracking involved. In-depth reporting is a functionality unique to Canix, managing the cannabis plant through its entire lifecycle.

Canix reports enable cannabis businesses to filter and forecast data in detail. Whether looking to view sales history by sales representative or identifying optimal cultivation trends, Business intelligence insights provide you the flexibility to make better business decisions.

Canix seed to sale software recently introduced three new reports: Waste Report, Package Cost Details, and Sales Menu.

Waste Report

Canix users can now view package adjustments, plant batch and plant waste for all reductions to inventory for a location or period of time. This report can give growers reliable information about their cannabis operations and improve their processes. Marijuana businesses using this report end up improving their profits from reduce waste.

Package Cost Details

Canix users can export a full view of a package's sources, non-cannabis COGS, and labor COGS details for a full view of a package's cost history. This feature is almost exclusive to seed to sale tracking systems and unique to the chain of custody reporting done in the cannabis industry. More importantly, real-time data on package cost can help cannabis businesses  improve their revenue.

Sales Menu

Canix users can view cannabis product packages not yet allocated to a sales order and the Confident Cannabis test results for the package's quantity. The report filters to narrow down unallocated quantities, and schedule emails to send new inventory levels to your team every morning or week.

Within each report, users can broaden or narrow the scope of the report data by using Canix’s robust filters, available at the top of every reporting page.

These options include filtering by:

  • Date
  • Facility
  • Time
  • Item Type
  • Item Name
  • Strain
  • Customer (where applicable)

These three new reports are now live, and listed alongside Canix’s preexisting reporting for sales, accounting, harvests, strains, and inventory. The platform’s list of api integrations gives users the ability to build powerful workflows, from cannabis cultivation to the point of sale.

Cultivators, growers, manufacturers and distributors rely on Canix for inventory management, regulatory compliance, traceability and more. Reports are designed to provide those Canix users with the tools and knowledge they need to run a profitable cannabis business.

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