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Metrc's Production Batch Update and Its Impact on Canix

September 26, 2023
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Metrc recently made an important update to their API, addressing a long-standing bug that allowed the copying of source package production batch information to child packages without breaking test lineages. While this functionality has been in place for a few years, starting from October 3, 2023, this update will bring changes to your inventory views in both Metrc and Canix.

Understanding Production Batches

Currently, Metrc's API allows users to create new child packages with the same production batch details as the source package, including test statuses and results, without marking the package as a new production batch. As a result, the Production Batch column in Metrc and Canix package tables displays a production batch value for child packages that matches the source production batch. This information is also visible in Canix's product views, providing insight into available inventory quantities, sales orders, and reporting.

Changes to Expect

Starting October 3, 2023, Metrc will no longer permit integrators to add the production batch number for child packages without creating a new production batch. While the child packages will still maintain their lineage and source package information, the Production Batch columns will no longer display a production batch number unless it is a new production batch. Instead, child packages will only show a value in the Source Production Batches field, leaving the Production Batch Number field blank. This means that areas in Canix currently displaying production batch numbers matching the Production Batch column in Metrc will no longer be populated, unless the package itself has a new production batch.

What You Need to Know

Your process in Canix and Metrc will remain unchanged. However, the child packages will no longer display a value in the production batch column when it matches the source production batch number. Instead of relying on the production batch field, you will now need to reference the Source Production Batches field. This new column is already available in the Inventory > Packages table and will be added across Canix where the production batch is referenced in October.

If you have any further questions or need assistance, please reach out to your assigned Canix CSM.

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