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Metrc Preparedness in Canix

April 8, 2021
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Oklahoma has chosen Metrc as their state-wide seed-to-sale tracking system.

Metrc has published a comprehensive guide on timelines and action-items to complete in order to become fully operational on Metrc. We strongly encourage you to read through this document thoroughly.

A few important callouts:

  • You must complete Metrc training first!
  • After that, you will be able to order Metrc tags.
  • Once your tags arrive, you must receive them into Metrc.
  • After that, you will be able to sync to Metrc from within Canix! Read on.
  • You must be fully operational on Metrc by April 30th.
  • Monthly OMMA reports will be replaced by Metrc reporting, there will be no need to complete the monthly OMMA reports after April 30th.

What is Metrc?

To learn more about Metrc please see this article.

Required Steps You Must Take


  • Schedule a required training with Metrc ASAP.
  • Ensure you and your entire team are familiarized with Metrc:
  • You can watch their training videos here.
  • Determine a point-person who will be responsible for all things Metrc, including licensing, required trainings, and communication with Metrc (this is usually the license holder).
  • Request online access for Metrc.
  • Request Metrc plant tags and package tags:
  • Metrc charges $0.45 per plant tag and $0.25 per package tag.
  • Log into Metrc and log receipt of requested Metrc tags.
  • Following March 27th, assign and apply the UID tags to your cannabis products according to Canix’s Metrc tag report
  • On April 30th, you must be fully operational on Metrc and must start reporting all transactions of inventory directly through Metrc. Since Canix integrates directly with Metrc, anything in Canix will be in Metrc after your inventory upload form is completed.


  • Watch Canix’s Metrc Preparedness Webinar and subscribe to our Youtube channel for new videos
  • Complete the steps to set up your Metrc account, and obtain your Metrc API key.
  • Canix allows you to track Metrc submissions by user. This is also an important requirement for being compliant on Metrc. You can trace back any and all actions taken on your account to a specific individual, should an error in reporting occur, you have the log to pinpoint where the error occurred and re-train your employee on the appropriate action.
  • You will need one key for every admin who will be submitting to Metrc. That means you should also have unique Canix logins for every employee, including those who will submit their entries for review before submitting to Metrc.
  • More information on Adding Users and User Permissions in Canix.
  • Audit all your current inventory before completing your Inventory Upload in Canix.
  • Check total plant count by strain and stage
  • Immature plantings: View total plant count by strain under Financial Reports > Strain Summaries > Plant Batch. Change growth phase for any that should be in the Vegetative phase, or destroy plants to remove from active inventory.
  • Vegetative plants: Navigate to Plants > Vegetative > Tracked and use the Strain column filter to search for each planted strain. Select a strain and view the filtered results count in the right corner above the table. Destroy or change growth phase for any tags that should no longer be active.
  • Flowering Plants: Navigate to Financial Reports > Strain Summaries > Flowering Plants to see an active count per strain. Destroy any flowering plants that should no longer be active, or create a new harvest.
  • Harvests: Navigate to Harvest > Overview > Active to view active harvests that will be recreated in Metrc. Package any remaining dried weight under Packages > Active > Actions > Create Package, and create any waste under Harvest > Overview > Active > Actions > Create Harvest Waste before finishing harvests in Canix.
  • Packages: See total packaged quantities by item under Inventory > Availability. To adjust or remove any items, select one or multiple packages under Packages > Active > Actions > Adjust Packages. Select one or multiple checkboxes and select Actions > Finish Packages to remove from your active list.
  • Once you've finished auditing your inventory to ensure everything is accurate in Canix, you can move forward with our Canix + Metrc Integration Onboarding process!

Changes to Your Daily Workflows

The day-to-day operations of your cannabis business will be affected by Metrc's implementation. To ensure you're prepared, here are a few pro tips:

  • Only purchase your cannabis products from other Metrc-approved vendors. Metrc will not allow you to enter plant or packaged inventory without a source (i.e. incoming transfer or mother plant) which won’t be possible without a Metrc-approved vendor.
  • If you have not started doing so already, you'll need to establish clear naming conventions for your cannabis products to avoid any discrepancies when reporting to Metrc.
  • Plant Batches
  • Plant Batches will be identified by name in batches of 100 plantings or less. These are the initial source of your plant inventory and will be required to be planted from an existing mother plant in your facility, seeds packaged from an active harvest, or an incoming transfer of clones or seeds.
  • Canix typically advises that you use the strain name + planted date when naming your plant batches.
  • Example, Blue Dream 03.12.21
  • Plants
  • Plants will be identified by their Metrc tag. This is unique to your facility, and even between your facilities if you have more than one. Be sure to order more tags as you get close to running out as you can’t enter new inventory without an active supply of tags from Metrc.
  • Canix also tracks strain. We suggest that you follow the same spelling and naming conventions for strains across your account. Be sure to check for capitalization and formatting as Metrc considers a capitalized “Blue Dream” and lowercase “Blue dream” as different strains.
  • Harvests
  • Harvests will be identified by name and will use this name in reporting and packaging.
  • We suggest following a strict protocol to ensure that you are tracking your inventory consistently.
  • Canix typically advises that you use the date of the harvest + strain + location when naming your harvests.
  • Example, 03.15.2021BlueDreamRoom1
  • Packages
  • Plants will be identified by their Metrc tag.
  • You can also sort and search by Item, Strain, and Type. For each of these elements, again, we suggest following a strict naming convention. Be sure to check for capitalization and formatting, you’ll want it to be consistent across your account.
  • Manufacturing Batches
  • Manufacturing Batches will be identified by name.
  • We suggest following a strict protocol to ensure that you are tracking your inventory consistently.
  • Canix typically advises that you use the output name + date when naming your batches.
  • Example, OG Gummy Bears 03.15.2021

Additional Resources

Metrc Oklahoma Official Page

What is Metrc?

Oklahoma Metrc Implementation FAQ’s by RMCC

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