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Metrc is Coming to Oklahoma April 30

February 25, 2021
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On February 23rd, Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority (OMMA) announced the training schedule for the new Metrc program for Oklahoma Marijuana business license holders.

We’ve been expecting this news since the announcement of the contract award to Metrc on September 2020 and have prepared for our users to adopt the new workflow requirements. Canix has been built specifically to work with Metrc and we are uniquely prepared to support our customers through this transition due to our experience in other states.

What this means for Oklahoma operators

Beginning April 30th, OMMA reports will no longer be required, and all transactions and inventory must be tracked through Metrc. When you submit a compliance-related transaction in Canix, that will automatically send to Metrc as well.

How will Canix help with Metrc?

Canix is currently serving hundreds of customers in Metrc states, who utilize Canix to do everything Metrc doesn't - invoicing, accounting integrations, label creation, reporting, task management, bluetooth scale integration - anything beyond compliance. We have a strong working relationship with Metrc, and we ensure Metrc compliance for your organization.

  • We'll be hosting regular Metrc Webinars where we'll be reviewing the latest timelines, updates, and information, in addition to tips and tricks on how to best utilize the system. Sign up for the first webinar Monday, March 1st here
  • Before April 30th, we'll assist you in uploading your Canix data to Metrc, so you will be in compliance by the state deadline
  • After April 30th, we’ll continue to provide support for the areas of your business that Metrc doesn’t support. Continue utilizing Canix’s sales and invoicing features, mobile app, accounting functionality and reports after the transition, while looking out for exciting new features coming soon.

Beyond Metrc - How Canix is working for you

At Canix, our goal is to support you and your business well beyond compliance. Over the next several weeks, we'll be releasing new features including:

  • Live Inventory Menus
  • Task Management
  • Business Intelligence (premium feature)
  • Cultivation Forecasting (premium feature).

If you'd like to participate in the beta program and receive early access for these features, you can sign up here.

What should I do now?

  1. Sign up for our Metrc Webinar on Monday, March 1st here. We'll be going through timelines, the basics of Metrc, and what you'll need to do between now and April 30th
  2. To get started with features beyond Metrc (Live Inventory, Task Management, and more) - sign up here

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