Intermediary Products: A Closer Look at Canix’s New Cannabis Production Feature

December 19, 2023
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In the dynamic world of cannabis production, meticulous tracking and management of each manufacturing stage are key to success. Canix has recently unveiled its innovative new feature - Intermediary Products - within its manufacturing module, set to revolutionize the way cannabis operators handle their production workflows.

Gaining Unmatched Visibility and Flexibility

Intermediary Products in Canix’s manufacturing module open new horizons for cannabis operators, providing an unprecedented level of visibility into granular yield and production metrics before converting to compliance tags. This feature allows operators to gain critical insights into each production step without the immediate use of final package tags, fostering a more flexible and controlled approach to manufacturing.

Seamless Digital and Physical Process Integration

Canix remains committed to integrating digital solutions seamlessly with real-world operations. Intermediary Products ensures that cannabis operators' manufacturing workflows are accurately reflected and managed within the system. This synergy between digital and physical processes leads to enhanced efficiency, accuracy, and productivity.

Economic Efficiency for Cannabis Operators

For operators in states where tag costs are a significant factor, such as California, the Intermediary Products feature offers substantial cost savings. By utilizing intermediary tags for tracking activities during the manufacturing process, operators can reduce expenditures on tags, presenting a notable operational advantage.

Maximizing Benefits of Intermediary Products

Creating and using intermediary tags within the Canix platform is straightforward. The manufacturing module now includes a dedicated tab for Intermediary Products, allowing operators to effortlessly track all intermediary package tags, both active and inactive. This functionality is crucial for accurately tracking costs, non-cannabis inventory usage, and yields throughout the manufacturing process.

Canix designed the intermediary packages process to be intuitive and reduce labor hours. Whether allocating quantities from a cannabis source package or incorporating non-cannabis inventory like mylar bags, the system provides a streamlined experience. These intermediary tags can then be utilized in subsequent manufacturing runs, enabling continuous tracking of costs and materials until the final product is packaged.

The Future of Cannabis Manufacturing with Canix

The launch of Intermediary Products by Canix is another step toward equipping cannabis operators with tools to manage their production with unparalleled precision and efficiency. This feature empowers Canix users to align their digital processes with their physical operations, optimize operational costs, and gain enhanced control over their production processes.

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